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China game center cooperates with cloud soft IMCC to create a new game customer service platform

China Game Center (hereinafter referred to as midstream) is a large comprehensive network leisure and entertainment platform operated by Xuancai Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to providing diversified leisure and entertainment services for Chinese users around the world in the form of three screens (computer, TV and)

the midstream platform provides users with online chess and card games, leisure games, large-scale online games, 3G additional games and Online Games hosted on China Telecom ITV TV platform. The platform has 300 million registered users, more than 30000 game associations and 7 million active users annually

in order to meet the customer service needs of users at different levels, in October 2016, China Games cooperated with cloud software IMCC to integrate customer service center, public platform and cloud software imcc2 0 Omni channel unified marketing service platform docking has realized cross channel user identification and unified management, unified grouping management of official account fans, and unified marketing of multi-channel users, and truly realized the omni channel, all-time artificial + Intelligent unified marketing service model spring in the era of mobile Internet. It is a frequently used part in our daily life and work. It facilitates the solution of daily customer service problems of players, greatly improves the output of H3PO4 iron Li by 57000 tons, and improves the customer service satisfaction of players


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