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People are more and more strict about the use of household door locks. In addition to ensuring the quality, the appearance and color of products can not be ignored. Yajie antibacterial smart lock, black technology, of course, is better

with the continuous improvement of living standards

people are more and more strict in the use of household door locks

in addition to the guarantee of quality,

the appearance and color of products can not be ignored

people who understand life

always reveal texture and details at home

comfortable vision, delicate touch Resonant emotion

in fact, you don't have to envy others' homes

as long as you reach every detail,

you can also have poetry and distance

Xiaobian recommends elegant antibacterial door locks for you

highlight the texture of life in the details

high quality, colorful life

black technology, Of course, it is better

often touch

prevent cross transmission

overcome many problems in three years

Yajie has created antibacterial technology

provide protection for the health of home life

often touch, Prevent cross transmission

elegant antibacterial door lock

the antibacterial rate reaches the national standard level I

99% antibacterial rate

24-hour long-term protection

effectively fight against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

every touch of life is more reassuring

new antibacterial color

create a color era

antibacterial door lock comes with a "wide color range" Attribute

bid farewell to the traditional metallic color

open the color era of current home versatility

let home quality life avoid details defects

provide different matching options for beautifying home

fashionable appearance Multi selective color

Quality of life cannot be separated from Yajie made

Yajie antibacterial door lock makes health a standard home configuration

popular science tips

Yajie antibacterial products meet the standards of the antibacterial Association

certified by the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association

antibacterial Industry Branch

obtain the authorization to use antibacterial signs

true antibacterial, True health

please recognize Yajie antibacterial hardware

you can check the authenticity of products through antibacterial signs





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