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As the focus of decoration, the feng shui of the living room is also very important. Different directions represent different fortunes of the family. Therefore, when decorating the living room, we must master the relevant Feng Shui of the living room, so that our career, health and emotional fortunes will not be affected. Now let's learn about living room decoration and Feng Shui

living room decoration and Feng Shui

1. Tone

the tone of the ceiling of the living room should not be too heavy. There is a kind of “ Top heavy ” A sense of pressure. So when designing the ceiling of the living room, you should choose lighter colors, such as the light blue of the blue sky, the white of white clouds, and so on. The floor can use relatively heavy tones

2. Height

if the ceiling of the living room is too low, you can choose the shape of high in the middle and low on four sides in the decoration design, which will make the height of the living room look comfortable; And the middle is high and both sides are short, which looks like “ Tianchi ” Similarly, feng shui will be regarded as a pattern of gathering water and wealth. So you can consider “ Tianchi ” The shape of the ceiling is also of great benefit to the house

3. Chandelier

people like to install a gorgeous chandelier in the living room to make the whole living room look taller. In the main business of Feng Shui in the living room, the lighting must be sufficient and bright. It is best to choose a round chandelier, because the round has a smooth and complete meaning, which can make the career smooth and the family get along well

4. Ceiling

the ceiling of the living room cannot be designed into a mouth shape, because the living room is where people work and rest. If the ceiling is square and mouth shaped, it will form a “ Prisoner ” Word. Feng Shui implies that family members' thoughts are easy to deviate and their careers are easy to take risks

the above is about the living room decoration and Feng Shui related knowledge. Do you have a better understanding of this aspect after reading it! If you want to know more about it, please continue to pay attention to the information and look forward to more wonderful things





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