After reading the last two points, novices dare to

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In the field of home decoration, without the support of professional knowledge, it is impossible for novices to distinguish between soft decoration and hard decoration

in the field of home decoration, there is no support of professional knowledge

for beginners of home decoration, they simply can't distinguish between soft decoration and hard decoration

teacher Xiaoyu teaches you a trick, which is simple and easy to understand. Draw the key points ↓↓↓

the way to quickly distinguish between soft and hard is "can you move"

translated into the current popular words is "does it have freestyle"

▲ that's it. Freestyle

"what are soft and hard clothes?"

▏ hard decoration

hard decoration refers to the projects that must be completed in the decoration stage. Once completed, it is difficult to change

hard decoration includes: wall surface, floor, top surface, water, electricity, heating, customized furniture, large kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc., which is equivalent to major overhaul to lay a foundation for the home

▏ soft clothes

soft clothes are those things that can be moved when moving

▲ pictures are taken by buyers like fish in water

movable furniture and appliances: sofa, finished wardrobe, bed, tables and chairs, etc

decoration: hanging pictures, decorations, sculptures, plants, etc

fabric: curtains, carpets, bedding, etc

lamps and lanterns: it is more convenient to replace, so we will list most lamps and lanterns as soft decoration. However, some hidden light strips that cannot be moved will be included in the hardcover

wall paint wallpaper: because it is easy to construct and refreshing, many soft decoration designers will consider the possibility of changing wallpaper and repainting when designing soft decoration

a soft outfit is equivalent to a foundation make-up, eyebrows and eyelashes, nose shadow and eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick

▲ the relationship between hard clothes and soft clothes is like the relationship between cosmetic surgery and makeup.


faces with different foundations are suitable for different styles of makeup.


houses with different foundations are suitable for different styles of soft clothes


▲ different styles of soft decoration bring different living experiences

"light decoration and heavy decoration"

in the past, when our parents were in the past, decoration was desperately stacking various decorative elements, including TV walls, ceilings, wall tiles, and European, American, and Chinese decoration styles

instead, furniture is to move a few furniture back to the furniture city in the urban-rural fringe. Whether it's easy to use or not, all tables and chairs are solid wood, and the head of sofa and bed are leather goods

as a result, a nondescript home was built. The decoration was "European style" and the furniture was "Chinese style". It was found that it was not practical a few years later

▲ is it familiar?

times have changed, and the power of decoration has fallen to the post-80s/90s generation. While gradually accepting foreign home decoration styles, they also realize that hard decoration does not need too complicated decoration, because soft decoration is the way to make a home comfortable and beautiful

▲ this is the ideological trend of light hard decoration and heavy soft decoration (light decoration and heavy decoration)

"hard clothes and soft clothes cannot be separated"

although there are differences between soft clothes and hard clothes, we begin to understand that a family needs to have a sense of integrity

this is why the concept of storage, collocation and some easy to understand Feng Shui taboos have gradually become popular

▲ more storage space is added to the soft decoration - mobile cabinets

▲ furniture with simple style to highlight the fine hard decoration

▲ pictures are taken by buyers like fish in water

decoration companies are usually only responsible for hard decoration. Therefore, we must have an overall awareness, even when selecting a floor tile and a cabinet in the early stage, we should consider matching with the furniture in the whole family





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