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Helping the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and a large number of Lingyu tank cars arrive in Vietnam

helping the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and a large number of Lingyu tank cars arrive in Vietnam

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on May 15, the advantages of the recycled plastic granulators in the "the Belt and Road" countries that have attracted worldwide attention also enabled them to continue their development. The International Cooperation Summit Forum ended in Beijing and achieved a complete success. Guests from all walks of life from more than 100 countries exchanged in-depth views on the theme of "strengthening international cooperation when the load can no longer rise, jointly building the 'the Belt and Road' and achieving win-win development". The meeting reached more than 270 specific outcomes, and the total number of countries and international organizations that signed the "the Belt and Road" cooperation agreement with China reached 68

it has been more than three years since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward. In the surging time, three years have passed like a fleeting white horse. However, these three years have left a strong imprint on the development history of China and the world. The "the Belt and Road" spans the Eurasian continent, leveraging the Asia Pacific dream, becoming a bridge for China to connect with the world and a link for China to join hands with countries along the belt and road

as an enterprise mainly manufacturing engineering vehicles and logistics vehicles, CIMC Lingyu has paid close attention to the progress of the the Belt and Road, actively distributed the international market, and has also made remarkable achievements in countries and regions along the silk road. Today, we will introduce the latest news about Ling Yu in Vietnam

as a country along the "the Belt and Road", Vietnam is one of Lingyu's main markets in Southeast Asia. In recent years, Vietnam is in a period of rapid industrialization. Every year, more than 100 Lingyu tank cars are purchased. CIMC Linyu is already a famous brand product here! In the process of industrialization, every country will inevitably encounter the problem of environmental pollution, and Vietnam is no exception

in recent years, Vietnam has been calling for the upgrading of vehicle emissions. From January 1 this year, the Vietnamese government suspended the import of vehicles with emissions below Euro 4. During this period, various departments of the Vietnamese government, social organizations and the people had extensive and lasting discussions. Finally, on April 1, the Vietnamese Prime Minister announced that Vietnam would implement the Euro 4 emission standard from January 1, 2018

during the discussion, most vehicle import traders and end consumers opposed emission upgrading. This means that the supply of traders will be greatly affected or even suffer huge economic losses, and the purchase cost and use cost of consumers' vehicles will also increase

however, an old Lingyu customer took the lead in ordering a large number of Euro 4 mixers with extraordinary courage and vision

the customer has cooperated with Lingyu for 6 years. According to this year's policy on the location of the gripper in the political regulation, they can also choose Euro 2 emission products with more favorable prices. However, the customer firmly chose Euro 4 products with the foresight of leading peers! They believe that in recent years, emission upgrading is a general trend and the only way for national environmental protection. As industry leaders, they should show their attitude and set an example

as a negative enterprise, Lingyu was also moved by the customer's strong sense of society, actively coordinated chassis resources, and created a number of Euro 4 emission mixers leading the trend

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

Lingyu mixer on the Vietnamese market

on May 15, the "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was successfully concluded in Beijing, and this batch of 35 mixers were successfully delivered on that day, CIMC Lingyu, together with the users, has brought the first batch of Euro 4 emission mixer truck products to the Vietnamese market with its own dedication

it is reported that some of these vehicles will go to southern Vietnam to participate in the construction of five-star tourist resort estates; Some will go to Danang in Central China to participate in the construction of coastal emerging industrial zones

the spirit of the silk road has been passed down from generation to generation, and human history has always been developing through the encounter and acquaintance of different civilizations. Following the perseverance of our ancestors and the footprints all over the world, Lingyu people never forget their original intentions, work together to promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and make great strides towards their dreams

cans are all around the world. Once started, they will never stop

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