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Find business opportunities from the old gears "600" Creative Workshop "play" out of the Transformation Road

Abstract: with the implementation of the national "tourism +" strategy and the enhancement of the influence of Shenyang Industrial tourism brand, energy transmission has ushered in new development opportunities and found a new way for enterprise transformation

3 years ago, the factory had a backlog of dozens of tons of old gears. Sell them as scrap iron. It's difficult to give up emotionally, but there is no other way. Three years later, the tourist handicrafts developed by the "600+" creative team of Shenyang energy transmission company not only sold well in China, but also exported to Europe and Southeast Asia

3 years ago, the enterprise was at the crossroads of transformation, and people were unstable. Three years later, the enterprise's product line covered tourism handicrafts, outdoor supplies and industrial sculptures, becoming a dark horse in Shenyang's tourism equipment manufacturing field, laying a sufficient lead for the gear to withdraw from machine tool accessories in the future

starting from "playing" gear, promoting cross-border development with innovation and creativity as the wing. The transformation path of "600+" creative workshop shows that as long as you dare to work, there is a way out

not afraid of difficulties, gear workers transform to design

can gear workers who have produced gears for decades become artists? In Honghu North Street, Yuhong District, Shenyang City, a once abandoned factory building now seems to have become an art exhibition garden. The yard is paved with a map of China made up of gears. Tanks, cannons and helicopters made up of old gears are arranged neatly. Successive tents are spread out word by word. Portraits of jobs and Ma Yun are hung on the wall, showing unique creativity everywhere. The headquarters of the "600+" creative workshop is located here

in recent years, the products of Shenyang machine tool group have been upgraded rapidly, especially after the i5 intelligent numerical control system is introduced to the market, the use of gears is becoming less and less, and Shenyang energy transmission company, which is subordinate to Shenyang Machine Tool Group and mainly provides gears for machine tools, is having a difficult time. By the second half of 2013, the overstocked gear products on the production line and in the warehouse of energy transmission company had reached dozens of tons. If they were sold as scrap, the finished gear with heavy grinding gear valued at 60 yuan and 1kg could only be sold for 1 yuan and 1kg. The price difference was 60 times! The decision-making level of Shenyang Machine Tool Group innovated ideas and decided to try to research and develop handicrafts to blaze a trail

waste gears are hard and of different sizes. There is no precedent in the market for making gear handicrafts. Although the project team worked overtime, they couldn't produce oneortwo decent products in a few months. People were filled with discouraged and disappointed products, first-class technology and the need for first-class service atmosphere

"the situation forces us to work. If we fail to find a new way of development, many people will be in danger of being laid off." The backbone of the team will do the same thing every day: use the station car to send the raw materials from the warehouse to the new product development area, and arrange all the gears neatly according to the size and specification. First, it is convenient for everyone to access, and second, it is to send a signal to everyone: the project must be adhered to, and only persistence can be successful. Energy transmission decided to establish a "600+" creative workshop, "'600+' is the homonym of 600. We hope this project can feed 600 workers and support 600 families." The person in charge of the company said

On March 11, 2015, a tourist group visiting Shenyang from other places wanted to buy some tourism commodities with Shenyang industrial characteristics. The Tourism Department of Tiexi District connected with the "600+" creative workshop, so that the workshop received the first batch of orders - 23 sets of "Feng 3" gear motorcycles weighing 3.3kg. Since then, "600+" tourist handicrafts have been put on the booth of the 4S shop of machine tools along the sales channels of Shenyang machine tools in China and abroad, and orders have begun to fly back to the company like snowflakes

tourism handicrafts are a hit because of their unique creativity. The project team synthesized various opinions and finally determined that the product style must be between abstract and concrete, highlighting Shenyang's industrial characteristics and creating unique products

in order to prevent competitors from counterfeiting, the "600+" team began to stock the second generation and develop the third generation products as soon as the first generation products were put on the market. Take the best-selling gear motorcycle as an example. Now it has been developed to the 10th generation. The product has a strong, rough, calm and thick appearance. People who are not familiar with the industry will think it is a good industrial creative product. However, in the eyes of people who are familiar with the industry, it is a combination of gears, gear shafts, fasteners and small cranks on machine tools. It is a concentrated product that silently tells Shenyang's industrial story

at the 8th China International Tourism Commodities Expo, the "Shenyang industry" series of tourism commodities stood out from 3300 entries and won the silver prize in the China tourism commodities competition on November 2, 2016, filling the gap of Shenyang Industrial tourism souvenirs. Today, the "Shenyang industry" series of tourism commodities have more than 600 orders per month, and are also exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Today, "600+" products also include outdoor tents, creative cups, mouse pads, bookmarks, etc., which have been placed on the tourism product platform of airports, stations and hotels. Within this year, the first large-scale high-end tourism equipment - RV will be available

with the implementation of the national "tourism +" strategy and the enhancement of the influence of Shenyang Industrial tourism brand, energy transmission has ushered in new development opportunities and found a new way for enterprise transformation. "In the past, we used to produce gears, but now we live by creativity and ideas. At the beginning, many people suspected that it was impossible, but the facts proved that other scientists were looking for ways to reduce the consumption of the rarest rare earth resources, indicating that we were right." Zhengxiaowei, Secretary of the general Party branch, said

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