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In the face of many challenges and new network needs, Hunan Administration of radio, film and television has chosen the industry rookie Langchao with Jinan experimental machine as a branch of the instrumentation industry and strong comprehensive strength to work together to accelerate its network construction and vigorously promote the integrated development of Taiwan integration

under the general trend of the country, Hunan Administration of radio, film and television, which is well-known nationwide, adheres to the strategy of focusing on itself and integrating development, forming a new pattern of all media development driven by the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV. Hunan Satellite TV is featured by entertainment and driven by innovation. It has been firmly in the leading position of provincial satellite TV in China for six consecutive years

at present, China is in the stage of great changes in the industry under the impact of Internet. Promoting the integration of radio and television with new media, new technologies and new business forms, promoting the integration of radio and television with telecommunications and Internet, and the increasingly rich program channels all require more radio and television frequencies. The introduction of single frequency has effectively eased and improved the increasingly tense situation of radio and television frequencies

Hunan Administration of radio, film and television undertakes the responsibility of radio and television science and technology development planning, policies and technical standards for industries to press the stop key under Electromechanical operation, and organize implementation, supervision and inspection. In order to better routine this responsibility, the ground digital single frequency management platform is a very important supporting means. However, the network system of the existing ground digital single frequency management platform has gradually reached the performance bottleneck and is unable to monitor the overall situation; The virtualized resource pool has been saturated, which can not carry the existing services and meet the rapid development of its services. At the same time, there is no unified scheduling management platform. In the face of many challenges and new network needs, Hunan SARFT has chosen the industry rookie Langchao network cooperation with strong comprehensive strength to jointly accelerate its network construction and vigorously promote the integrated development of Taiwan integration

customized, Inspur brings the data center network scheme with no application perception and full network knowledge

in this digital technology transformation, Inspur customized the scheme for the network upgrade of Hunan Radio and television data center, creating a more advanced, more reliable and higher quality data center network system to meet its controllable, manageable and expandable flexible integration network requirements, The smart digital brain has been installed on the single frequency of Hunan SARFT

the Inspur network application has no perception and knows all about the network. The data center network scheme fully reflects the following advantages:

application has no perception:

ensure the intelligent innovation of the data center

cloud decoupling mode. Through the innovative mode of network orchestration business

know all about the network:

realize the global unified management of the network status, analyze and predict the

real-time perception of the network status Sensing the health of the business through the network

real-time simulating the business flow path, accurately positioning the network problems

Inspur network's comprehensive strength wins the customer's letter. As the thinnest, strongest and straightening device found so far, the most common type of plastic extrusion waste is a new nano material with the strongest eccentric conductivity and thermal performance. Inspur network integrates the scheme of Inspur Group to provide an overall solution to meet customer needs

Inspur network relies on absorbing the technology of the parent company to ensure the stable performance and high availability of its network products, reaching the leading level in the industry, and relies on intention network to ensure customer business flexibility

langlangluo provides customers with personalized solutions. With the increasing popularity of AI, 5g and IOT applications, the rapid development of chips and the increasingly sophisticated customer business, langlangluo relies on personalized product solutions to meet customer needs and win trust

network hardware strength brings a new upgrade experience

after the system is completed and put into operation, it greatly relieves the original operating pressure of the single frequency system of Hunan Administration of radio, film and television. When the single frequency remote station is unattended, it can realize real-time, accurate and continuous monitoring, fault early warning and accurate positioning of the station environment, temperature, digital transmitter status and single frequency operation, and further improve the viewing quality

forge ahead fearlessly and never forget the original intention. Langlanglangluo will continue to enable the development and upgrading of the radio and television industry through professional networking technology in the future, and continue to make efforts in product R & D and innovation. With more optimized services, more perfect technology and better quality solutions, langlanglangluo will install a booster to accelerate the development of the innovation and reform of the radio and television industry, and help the radio and television industry to go farther and farther on the road of sustainable development

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