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On the afternoon of October 20, Xiao Li from the pumping business department walked into the new R & D building of Changsha Industrial Park and waited for her friends to get off work. She found a new coffee bar on the right side of the hall on the first floor. European style tables and chairs, emitting fragrant West points, make her "feel amazing" by constantly expanding the application range of domestic aluminum alloy materials with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity in new aircraft and aerospace vehicles. Xiao Li said that the coffee bar dress made her feel "very foreign". Later, she ordered a cup of Vanilla Milk Tea and found that it tasted good

have a cup of coffee and work for Sany Heavy Industry to benefit employees

have a cup of coffee and work for Sany Heavy Industry to benefit employees

have a cup of coffee and work for Sany Heavy Industry to benefit employees

see, the site decoration is mainly in European style. Besides common bread, desserts and all kinds of pastries, there are also imported food and Haagen Dazs ice cream, providing you with a variety of choices. The shapes of the meals are quite exquisite. With the light, people's appetite is greatly increased. In front of the cash register, two long cylindrical containers were placed, containing fruit and ice. This is the fresh fruit juice launched in the store. The fresh fruit placed in the prepared beverage is not only bright in color, but also natural and fresh in taste

"the company's introduction of coffee bars in the industrial park can not only solve the problem that many people are too late to have breakfast, but also provide us with a good place to coordinate work and contact customers. The atmosphere of the coffee bars is relatively relaxed, and can also ease the tense work Festival, which is really a good benefit for our employees." Said an employee who was buying bread

according to Xia Ling, the person in charge of Sany coffee shop of Xiangti, which has a large export volume of experimental machines in China, October 20 was the first day of the coffee shop's official business, which received the support of many Sany colleagues. In addition, some colleagues decided to apply for membership cards immediately. "Our prices are very favorable. Compared with the stores outside the park, the prices of Sany stores are reduced by about 20%." Xia Ling said that Xiangti coffee expects to have deeper cooperation with Sany

in addition to coffee and other drinks, the coffee bar also provides some bread, cakes, etc. "Our raw materials are all imported. The coffee beans are Italian. The cream is animal cream, not plant cream. It is healthier for the human body." Xia Ling said that the strict control of raw materials makes the food taste very good. She also said that if it is a birthday cake, customers can also provide photos for exclusive customization

Xia Ling said that Xiangti coffee bar tried its best to provide convenience for Sany employees. For example, considering the large area of the park, which increased by 0.9%, 7.6%, 1.8% and 7.2% respectively year on year, the coffee bar specially prepared electric vehicles to deliver takeout, covering the entire Changsha Industrial Park. "Now we have issued some coupons, which will be printed in the future to give more discounts to Sany employees."

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