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Assist in China's Intelligent Manufacturing - Yaskawa releases new robot products 2.0

Abstract: with the further improvement of user productivity, the market has more and more demand for robots with high load, high speed and high precision while maximizing simple settings

on November 7, 2017, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd., a global advocate of "mechatronics" and a global advanced manufacturer of industrial robots, held an exhibition themed "inheritance of ingenuity" at the booth of the Industrial Expo in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center ˙ At the new product launch of "smart future", the new small robot motomini was released. In addition, Yaskawa also displayed the new multi-purpose robot GP series (gp7, gp8, GP12, GP25), as well as the new control cabinets yrc1000, yrc1000micro and other products

motomini is a world-class industrial small 6-axis robot used in today's society with booming economy. Motomini is easy to change the placement position and realizes a high degree of freedom such as man-machine cooperation and sharing of work. It is used for the assembly and operation of small parts, as well as the catering and insertion of electronic and electrical parts. Motomini has three characteristics: small size, light weight, high speed and high precision. The transportable weight of motomini is 500g, the maximum extension distance is 350mm, and the weight is about 7kg

figure: motomini, a new product of Yaskawa electric robot, is a super small robot developed for the 3C industry unique to the Chinese market. The birth of motomini has made it possible for small portable robots to produce and process small products. Motomini will become a robot to achieve a new generation of production automation solutions, such as space saving, cost reduction and equipment generalization. Through the combination of M2M and cloud based production line monitoring technology and remote maintenance technology, motomini has the flexibility and scalability to meet the production of multiple varieties and small quantities. In addition, the reliable security can make it be used for collaborative operation with human beings

in addition to releasing motomini, Yaskawa also exhibited GP series robots and control cabinets "yrc1000" and "yrc1000micro". With the further improvement of users' production efficiency, the market demands more and more robots with high load, high speed and high precision to maximize the simple setting. The new GP series robot and Y introduced this time please call rc1000 for consultation. Yrc1000micro control cabinet is a new generation product that uses the latest motor, servo and new generation robot control technology of Yaskawa motor to achieve the highest action speed, Trajectory Accuracy, environmental resistance and other requirements in the industry

with the further improvement of the user's production efficiency, the market has more and more demand for robots with high load, high speed and high precision while maximizing simple settings. In order to meet the market demand, Yaskawa Electric has reformed and updated the mechanical structure of the original model and developed a new generation of GP series small robots. GP series robots are applicable to the handling, assembly, dispensing, loading and unloading, grinding and other fields of small parts. They are perfect for the rapidly developing electronic industry with high requirements for space and precision

among them, the maximum load of gp7 is 7kg and the maximum horizontal extension length is 927mm; The maximum load of gp8 is 8kg and the maximum horizontal extension length is 727mm; The maximum load of GP12 is 12kg and the maximum horizontal extension length is 1440mm; GP25 can handle up to 25kg, and the capacity is about doubled on the basis of GP12, which greatly broadens the "labor capacity" of GP25 in handling parts, assembly operations and other processes. In addition, GP25 cancels the previous maximum speed limit, and by improving the acceleration and deceleration control, the acceleration and deceleration time is minimized without being affected by the robot posture. In addition, through the new trajectory control technology, the trajectory error is reduced by 80%

figure: a) automatic zero clearing: the computer receives the instruction to start the experiment. The new generation of robot control cabinets yrc1000 and yrc1000micro, which are matched with GP robots, adopt new control methods, which can meet the diversified needs of various voltages and Safety specifications around the world, so that GP robots can achieve optimal functions. Compared with the previous generation of control cabinets Dx200 and fs100, yrc1000 and yrc1000micro have a volume reduction of 67% and 62% respectively. Various compact layouts can be realized through high-density configuration. The size of yrc1000micro is the smallest level in the world's existing control cabinet specifications and can be built into a 19 inch shelf; With Vmax function, through simple designation, the robot can operate at the highest speed in various postures in this standard. At the same time, through the adoption of new control technology, the robot action trajectory error is greatly reduced and the trajectory accuracy is improved; On the basis of inheriting the existing operating system, the touch operation of teaching programming is strengthened, and the operability is further improved

figure: new generation robot control cabinets yrc1000 and yrc1000micro

the innovative products displayed in this press conference are based on the Chinese market, fully respond to the needs of domestic users, and help the rapid and stable development of China's robot and industrial automation field. In addition, Yaskawa also said that in the future, Yaskawa Electric will launch more GP series robots to further update and expand the GP series robot product array with high speed, high efficiency, easy maintenance and easy use

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