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Go out and bring in Nan'an and set off an upsurge of investment attraction and capital selection. In foreign countries, sages are optimistic about the valve industry in Nan'an. They believe that the annual valve sales in the country reach hundreds of billions of yuan, and most of them are handled by Nan'an people. However, the local production proportion of valves in Nan'an is not high, and "fat water" flows to other places. It is urgent to build a valve industrial park. "Valve industry is a new economic growth" on July 10, Nan'an launched the competition activity of "comparing investment, leisure land and promoting investment", and the city set off a new round of investment attraction and capital selection upsurge. Since the activity was launched, Nan'an has taken the initiative to "go out" and "bring in", and made every effort to turn the previous work into more large and good projects to help the economic transformation and upgrading

as of August 15, there were 152 docking projects in the city, with a total investment of 26.839 billion yuan. Among them, there are another 83 projects under discussion, with a total investment of 15.427 billion yuan; 34 signed projects with a total investment of 7.11 billion yuan; 32 projects have been started, with a total investment of 3.947 billion yuan; 2 tax source expansion projects; 1 M & a project

On July 9, Nan'an set up a general coordination group for competition activities, headed by wangchunjin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Nan'an, with huangyongjun, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and daijingsheng, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, as deputy leaders to uniformly deploy, command and coordinate the activities

in wangchunjin's view, the competition of "comparing investment, leisure and promoting investment" is a powerful driving force to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, an effective starting point to deal with fierce regional competition and an important platform for training cadres

"to achieve scientific development and leapfrog development, we must rely on large enterprises, large projects and large investment." Wangchunjin said that it is a glorious mission entrusted to us by the times to make a strong breakthrough in investment attraction and investment selection and promote the scientific development and leapfrog development of Nan'an. "We should take investment promotion and capital selection as the 'lifeline' to catch up with the leap forward and the 'main grasp' to accelerate development. The whole city will work hard for 100 days, and strive to introduce a number of large and good projects, so as to stay ahead of the leap forward development wave of the whole province."

city leaders go out of Nan'an to talk about projects, cooperation and feelings, which is a powerful means to implement this competition

on August 8, a symposium on "returning to entrepreneurship" in Nan'an City with the theme of "returning to the South and seeking common development" was held in Nanning, Guangxi, attracting more than 100 members of non local Nan'an chamber of Commerce from nearly 50 cities across the country, including more than 40 "top leaders", with a large lineup and high standard

on the same day, huangyongjun, the leader of the leading city who participated in the symposium, demonstrated to the participating villagers that Nan'an has many advantages, great potential, and broad and promising development prospects from the empty plan to 2017. The villagers present said that they would pay more attention to their hometown in the future and promote the return of funds, projects, headquarters and tax sources

in foreign countries, the sages are optimistic about the valve industry in Nan'an. They believe that the annual valve sales volume in the country reaches hundreds of billions of yuan, and the majority of the people in Nan'an handle it. However, the production proportion of valves in Nan'an is not high, and "fat water" flows to other places. It is urgent to build a valve industrial park

"the valve industry is a new economic growth point and a 'potential stock'. Nan'an will promote the foreign investment of Yingdu valve phase II based on the realistic industrial foundation." Huangyongjun said that next, the feasibility and site selection of the valve industrial park will also be on the agenda

"for a long time, a large number of Nan'an industrial and commercial people have left their hometown to start businesses and made brilliant achievements. Moreover, their generation has deep feelings for their hometown and is eager to return to start businesses." Huangyongjun said that Nan'an will take advantage of this opportunity to set up a good stage, sing a good play, and truly introduce the project

"CPPCC members have wide contacts from top to bottom and wide communication channels. They are an important force driving precision hydraulic cylinders for investment promotion." Daijingsheng said that the city's CPPCC organizations and members of the CPPCC will also give full play to their own advantages, actively bridge the way for investment selection, do a good job in business investment, introduce project funds, technologies and talents in many ways, and closely contact people in the economic community to encourage them to venture boldly, support them to increase capital and expand their business, and make contributions to the development and expansion of the real economy

when organizing competition activities, Nan'an also identified 27 municipal leaders to take the lead in key investment projects, and formed investment promotion teams to carry out "point-to-point" investment promotion docking. Among them, linrongzhong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the education working committee, in addition to taking the lead in the key investment projects arranged by the city, also coordinated the investment promotion of Guanqiao, Shuitou and Shijing coastal towns

in addition, Nan'an also took the initiative to establish a customer base to master the investment trends and priorities of customers. Through small team investment, business attraction, economic and trade activity investment attraction, intermediary investment attraction and other forms, targeted contact with target customers, promote investment projects, and strive to introduce more and better projects

on July 16, Xiangyun Town held a mobilization and deployment meeting to take the initiative of "in-depth development" and seek new impetus for development from 5000 business elites from outside Xiangyun with "overseas Chinese" and "businessmen" as the media. The town's party and government cadres took separate actions to release investment promotion information at the first time by using the chamber of commerce platform and the group; The top leaders of the party and government actively went to Xinjiang, Kunming, Chengdu and other places to introduce their hometown to the overseas sages; The main cadres of each village play the "family card" to attract the villagers in waixiangyun with local advantages

according to the relevant person in charge of Xiangyun Town, "in-depth development" means that the 12 villages in the town must have more than one intention project, and at the same time, plan to form a number of distinctive projects in combination with the actual situation

taking advantage of its unique regional advantages, Xiangyun Town also wants wealth from "wind" and "rain". It plans to build a wind farm with a scale of 100000 kwh, which will be invested and constructed by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group with a total investment of 900million yuan. It will be constructed in two phases. At present, the pre feasibility study has been completed and approved, and it will strive to start construction in 2016. At the same time, it plans to raise 35million yuan for the technical transformation and capacity expansion of Shaxi hydropower station. In addition, 7 intended agricultural and tourism integration projects have been preliminarily formed

over the past month, Xiangyun has formed 8 intentional projects with a total investment of 300million yuan; 3 signed projects with a total investment of 1.15 billion yuan; 3 construction projects with a total investment of RMB 118million; 1 tax source project with a total investment of 200million yuan; One foreign-funded project with a total investment of 50million yuan

like Xiangyun Town, other towns and townships (streets and development zones) also show their magic powers and carry out investment promotion activities in combination with local advantages -

Shijing town uses the upcoming Fujian Taiwan agricultural products Ordering Fair and the 16th (Nan'an) International Stone Expo to promote Shijing park construction, project development, industrial positioning and investment promotion direction in an all-round and multi-level way. At present, there are 6 projects under discussion, with a total planned investment of about 5.5 billion yuan; Four projects have been successfully signed, with a total planned investment of 4billion yuan; Three projects have been launched, with a total planned investment of 1.5 billion yuan; 2 headquarters economic projects or tax source expansion projects

Kangmei town has vigorously carried out a concentrated battle for investment promotion, formulated incentive measures for investment promotion, rewarded major investment projects, expanded investment promotion, played the role of the town chamber of Commerce and the Federation of overseas Chinese, and cooperated in attracting investment and projects. At present, the whole town intends to talk about 11 extension meters or strain gauges to display the elongation of standard tensile samples. The total investment is planned to be 1.208 billion yuan, including 5 projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan

Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store with a total investment of 90million yuan has been built; The headquarters buildings of Nan'an seventh Construction Co., Ltd. and first Construction Co., Ltd., which have invested 60million yuan and 100million yuan respectively, have been signed... Over the past month, Merrill Lynch street has generated 15 planning docking projects, and 11 projects are currently under investment negotiation


the relevant person in charge of the municipal investment promotion service center said that in the past more than a month, all departments at all levels have acted quickly and actively participated in investment promotion activities through the combination of "going out" and "bringing in". Next, we will focus on "looking back" on the investment promotion and capital selection in the early stage, and assign special personnel to track and keep a close eye on the intended projects to ensure that the projects are signed and put into operation as soon as possible

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