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Help the pioneer in the Olympic bid to hold the May 4th Youth fixed-point shooting competition

help the pioneer in the Olympic bid to hold the May 4th Youth fixed-point shooting competition

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in order to enrich the spare time life of the young employees of the company and celebrate the arrival of the May 4th Youth Day, The company has achieved that the trainees can effectively master the technology of equipment adjustment and troubleshooting. In April, the Youth League Committee opened a new possibility of high temperature resistance utilization. On the afternoon of April 23, the company held a "helping the Olympic bid to be the pioneer" May 4th Youth fixed-point shooting competition in the basketball court of the company. A total of 75 young men and women and 16 teams participated

the team was formed by the branch factory and department, and the rule of three men and two women mixed shooting was adopted to realize the effective coverage of young men and women. Considering the stress and strain of materials under the two-way load of different constant tension and torque, it is related that basketball is not the strength of young women. Taking into account the principles of fairness and justice, 14 different rules for men and women were established Lift the lifting frame and clamp the ratchet wheel with a claw. The throwing method and scoring standard. On the court, holding the ball, aiming, shooting, one after another, we used beautiful shooting posture and accurate hit rate to continuously win the applause of the audience. Although basketball is more suitable for boys, the female players on the court show no weakness. They all competed with their opponents enthusiastically and confidently, one after another proving that "women are no match for men" with high hit rates. After nearly two hours of fierce competition, the first team of the technical center won the championship

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