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Redroller, Inc.

the world's first Internet based shopping service provider for transportation packaging, completed a financing of US $6million and began trading

Stamford, Conn., November 15/Xinhua Meitong/-- redroller holdings, Inc., (OTC Bulletin board: rrol) (the original aslahan Enterprises Ltd.) today announced that it had completed its share exchange merger with redroller, Inc. After the merger, the company will operate under the name of redroller holdings, which has put forward 10 sharp requirements for aluminum alloy materials: the maximum thickness of aluminum alloy forgings or pre stretched plates often needs to reach more than 150mm. It will undertake and carry out redroller's Internet based transportation and packaging comparison service as its only business. Redroller will retain senior management led by William van Wyck, its founder and CEO. Calibrax capital advisors, LLC acted as the financial advisor for this transaction


in order to realize this merger, redroller completed the financing of US $6million through private placement of common class 3 shares and warrants from petroleum residues and vanadium containing waste catalysts to many institutions and private investors. The company plans to use these funds to enhance its enterprise infrastructure and product portfolio. Van Wyck said: the successful completion of merger and financing is an important milestone for redroller, which is ready for the sustainable development of our company. The financial resources and company visibility provided in today's announcement will enable us to broaden our investment base, convene more important group members, speed up the development of our products, bring convenience and reduce costs to transportation and packaging enterprises. We believe that redroller's system to meet the measurement needs of different materials has a sustainable global market. We want to make redroller a recognized leader in this field

redroller, Inc. was founded in 2004 by William van Wyck, the current CEO. The company aims to create and promote a unique, Internet-based comparison service for transportation packaging. Redroller system aims to simplify transportation packaging and save users' time and money by providing comparison services similar to popular e-Travel and e-banking systems such as Travelocity (TM), Expedia (TM) and lendingtree (TM) (through these systems, the comparison of available services from multiple manufacturers is displayed for selection). Over the past 20 years, the packaging and transportation market has become the fastest growing transportation sector in the United States. In 2006, the market value was about $53billion, accounting for nearly 10% of daily cargo transportation in the United States. With the emergence of the Internet, the number of packages required to be transported to and from American businesses and households has increased significantly. According to IDC, small businesses spent more than $24.5 billion on transportation packaging in 2004

redroller introduction

redroller holdings, headquartered in Stamford, Conn., is an operator of the Internet access customized software platform. It aims to ensure that customers can compare the services of various transportation companies and select the best available services that meet their needs, so as to save transportation packaging time and money. The redroller system allows users to select a transportation company according to the user's transportation date and time, arrange package collection or delivery, and print authorized barcode transportation labels for the listed transportation companies. After using the redroller system to prepare the package, the user only needs to stick the authorized label on the package to be transported. If the transportation company is selected for collection, the transportation company will pick up the package from the user's location, or the user can place the package at the local package delivery station of the transportation company. Redroller system also provides business users with a variety of value-added functions, including, insurance selection, package tracking and transportation reporting. For more information about the company, please visit

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