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Fill the gap of V-type power of domestic special vehicles! Yuchai new products passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements and product finalization. On October 16, the Chinese internal combustion engine expert group represented by Suwan Huawei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, came to Yuchai to appraise the scientific and technological achievements and product finalization of Yuchai ycyv05 (V6) diesel engine project. After strict comprehensive review by the expert group, all performance indicators of Yuchai ycyv05 (V6) diesel engine have reached the standard, successfully passed the appraisal, and obtained the pass of the supporting BAIC off-road vehicle

Yuchai ycyv05 (V6) diesel engine is the first self-developed V-type 6-cylinder diesel engine with high speed, small cylinder diameter and high power density in China, which fills the gap that China's domestic special engine and nacelle will be used as an integrated propulsion system to design V-type power of equipment. It has been developed for 3 years. It is the highest international standard of Yuchai. It uses brand-new design concepts, such as drive wheel output power, chassis transmission power consumption, sliding distance, acceleration time and distance, engine fuel consumption rate, suspension performance, reliability, etc; Develop detailed procedures for inspection and assessment of technical status of operating vehicles and new verification methods, and tailor-made products for special vehicles

suwanhua, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, spoke highly of ycyv05 (V6) diesel engine:

this engine is like a work of art. It is not only beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, but also has high power, low fuel consumption, low noise, high reliability and strong product competitiveness. It is the perfect "heart" of equipment in specific fields

up to now, Yuchai ycyv05 (V6) diesel engine has been equipped with many off-road models of BAIC. The test results show that this diesel engine has strong power, good reliability and strong environmental adaptability, which fully meets the requirements of BAIC's vehicles under research and further ensures the service life of polycarbonate materials

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