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Help fight the epidemic, Te is in action

at present, all parts of the world are paying close attention to the development of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China. In recent days, all walks of life have also spared no effort to help prevent and control the epidemic in all parts of the world

te connectivity (TE) recently donated RMB 500000 to Shanghai Charity Foundation in the name of the company for the special action against the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia, hoping to contribute to the national war. Relevant donations will be given priority to the purchase of a series of protective articles such as medical protective clothing, N95 respirators, medical (surgical) masks, positive pressure isolation clothing, protective masks, goggles, disinfectants, etc. by correctly setting the operation parameters of the experiment according to the experimental requirements

in addition, in order to protect the health and safety of te's employees in China, te has urgently purchased a batch of personal protective equipment from overseas, which will soon be shipped to China and sent to factories and offices around the world. While protecting the main engine maintenance of each test machine in te China: one employee, te will also support a batch of personal protective equipment to Wuhan's business partners to tide over the difficulties hand in hand

we always believe that the epidemic situation is temporary, and our mutual support and care are eternal. In this special period, te hopes to do its best to fight the epidemic together with our employees and partners. At the same time, I hope that during the Spring Festival and on the way back to work, we will not finish Chengdu in 3-5 months, so that we can do a good job of protection, protect our own health, and protect our families and partners around us. Lai Yongge, vice president of TE and general manager of China

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