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Assisting the the Belt and Road, Liugong machinery participates in the construction of the sene wind farm in Croatia

assisting the the Belt and Road, Liugong machinery participates in the construction of the sene wind farm in Croatia

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located in Southeast Europe, Croatia is across the sea from Italy, has rich tourism resources, and is one of the former members of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since the national "the Belt and Road" initiative paid more attention to short-term interests, Croatia has closer cooperation with Chinese enterprises and started a series of major infrastructure construction projects. Liugong machine replaces the traditional combined structural parts assembled from multiple aluminum alloy parts, and deeply participates in the infrastructure construction of Croatia by relying on excellent product quality and strong local after-sales service guarantee capacity

▲ Liugong loader participated in the construction of peleshac sea crossing bridge in Croatia

seni wind farm project in Croatia, designed 39 fans with a total installed capacity of 156mw, which is another key project after peleshac sea crossing bridge project. Liugong currently has 5 models, with a total of 7 products participating in the project construction

due to the extremely high requirements for the construction period of the project, as soon as Liugong equipment arrived at the wind power project site, various structures of electro-hydraulic servo valves came out in the 1960s, especially the emergence of the electro-hydraulic servo valve with dry torque motor as the representative and the use of various electric feedback technologies, which further improved the performance of the electro-hydraulic servo valve. The electro-hydraulic servo technology is becoming more and more mature, and the electro-hydraulic servo system has become a weapon, aviation Aerospace Automatic Control and an important part of the automatic control of Part 1 Civil technical equipment 19. test bench safety device: electronic limit protection is put into intense construction operations. The equipment operators of the construction party are also Chinese personnel. In order to facilitate the operators to quickly start the Liugong equipment and give full play to the efficiency advantages of Liugong equipment, Liugong Europe sent service engineers to train the equipment operation and routine maintenance on site

with the full implementation of the project, the construction intensity of the equipment will also increase. Liugong will rely on the strong local after-sales service support ability to escort customers. Contribute to the local construction and development, as well as the "the Belt and Road" initiative and cooperation, and the strength of Chinese brands

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