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Detonate 100 million traffic Chery Automobile creates a new paradigm of live marketing

at present, changes in the market environment and the impact of the COVID-19 have prompted the automotive industry to accelerate marketing reform and innovation. Since August, Chery automobile has successfully detonated a billion level of traffic by participating in a series of "online live selling" marketing initiatives, such as the CCTV live broadcast special session of "88 beautiful car buying Festival" in Tiktok, hosting the "Chery 818 group buying carnival season" and opening a live group buying meeting (the last one on August 22) in ten regions across the country

up to now chery group buying carnival season topic Related videos have been played more than 67.24 million times on the Tiktok platform, causing heated discussion among friends. In addition, the data shows that the "number of live viewers" and "intention to retain funds" in the Chery live broadcast link of the "88 beautiful car buying Festival" of Tiktok have also achieved a double track success: in the Chery Auto live broadcast link, the total number of viewers exceeded 32.51 million, the maximum number exceeded 878000, and the intention to retain funds for the whole live broadcast reached 5334, which achieved outstanding results and was reported by CCTV

enterprise standards are generally more stringent than industry standards and national standards.

Chery's series of "online live car selling" marketing activities have exploded because Chery has broken through marketing barriers and played new tricks in form and content

formally, the Tiktok "beautiful car buying Festival" participated by Chery Automobile refreshed the traditional live broadcasting room. However, the metallographic structure of bolts contained a large amount of ferrite and a large amount of residual austenite. Four CCTV "famous mouth" were invited to incarnate as "gold medal salesmen" to personally experience the products. A "car talk PK" was held around the new generation of Ruihu 8 and the new generation of Ruihu 7, Carry out "dialogue" with consumers in a form that consumers like to see and hear, so as to make the product strength deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

CCTV's "famous mouth" explained the contents of the new generation of Ruihu 8 and the new generation of Ruihu 7

on the live broadcast, Chery Automobile fully tapped the interests of the user population and created personalized communication content. In the "Chery 818 group buying carnival season", consumers can see the in-depth analysis of the new generation of Ruihu 8 by the "AMCC muscle car club"; "Brother Mai Lang" directly attacked the 4S store and negotiated prices with the sales manager on site; "Chen Sansui" personified as a salesperson, bringing goods for the new generation of Ruihu 8; "Xueyi office" used an interesting vlog exhibition with a hardware based parallel sampling mode to show exciting car purchase benefits, and called the models in a series of ways, making consumers happy

Tiktok Hongda people call successively for the "Chery 818 group purchase carnival season". Live selling of cars is an innovative move for the automobile industry to adapt to the new changes in the market. After August, Chery has successively participated in the "beautiful car buying Festival" of Tiktok and held the "Chery 818 group purchase carnival season", which is not only a gratitude for Chery's long-standing support and recognition to 8.6 million users, but also an innovation in automobile marketing in the new era, Another new exploration and attempt to reach resonance with consumers. In the future, with the continuous promotion of these marketing innovation measures and the arrival of the traditional automobile sales season, Chery's sales volume in 2020 is expected to usher in further growth

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