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The influence of different printability of aluminum foil on Printing

aluminum foil is a high-end packaging material, which can replace large-area electrochemical aluminum stamping. 7. Stress control speed: 1 (4) 5mpa/s, silver stamping. The printed products are magnificent, which not only improves the grade of packaged goods, but also improves the display value of packaged goods. It is widely used in the trademark and packaging of high-end goods. Aluminum foil is also widely used in food, medicine and other packaging fields. Aluminum foil is compounded with plastic film, which effectively uses the characteristics of high temperature cooking resistance and complete shading to make cooking bags, which can pack cooked food. Multi layer composite film is also used in the packaging of biscuits, snacks, beverages and other snacks

the characteristics of aluminum foil are: it has metallic luster, good light resistance, high reflection ability to heat and light, and the metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of printing color; Good isolation, strong protection, impermeable to gas and water vapor, preventing moisture absorption and gasification of the contents, and not vulnerable to bacteria and insects; Good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes. Easy to process, aluminum foil can be printed, colored, embossed, surface coated, glued, painted, etc; It cannot bear force, has no sealing property, has pinholes and is easy to wrinkle, so it is generally not used alone. It is usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic film, which overcomes the shortcomings of no sealing property, and gives full play to its advantages such as isolation

aluminum foil printing can adopt relief printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing. Relief printing is suitable for small batch printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing are suitable for large quantities of (5) loaded unstable volume of roll paper printing. The following measures should be taken in the printing process: greater printing pressure is required. Aluminum foil has strong barrier and poor absorption. The pressure makes the printing plate and the surface of aluminum foil contact with the largest area and forces the ink to adhere. The ink is required to have strong adhesion and fast drying speed. Iron printing ink, resin offset fast fixing ink or mixed ink of offset printing and plastic ink can be used. Generally, drying agents need to be added in the ink to improve the drying speed. For example, gravure printing must be equipped with a hot air drying device. Before the selected ink is put into the machine, a small sample must be made to test whether its hue and dryness meet the requirements

reel materials need to master the appropriate printing speed and tension. Too fast printing speed will affect the drying speed of the ink. Too large or too small tension will break or wrinkle the aluminum foil and affect the printing effect. Vacuum aluminum plating film the main function of vacuum aluminum plating film is to replace aluminum foil composite, so that the soft plastic packaging also has a beautiful silver luster, improve the barrier and shading of the flexible packaging film bag, so as to reduce the cost. The coated substrate film of vacuum aluminum plating is polypropylene film with high melting point. Impact testing machine is increasingly widely used in all walks of life, including CPP, IPP, BOPP. PET film, NY film and paper can also be directly vacuum aluminized after pretreatment or humidity regulation. PE film and Pt can also be indirectly aluminized. In order to improve the turning degree of aluminum plating, the method of coating the bottom layer on the plated substrate film is adopted abroad. In China, there is generally no bottom coating surface, and only corona treatment is carried out on the surface

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