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The influence of improper use of buffer salt on chromatographic column

buffer salt is often used in chromatographic analysis. The following are the details: adjust the pH value of mobile phase, and the improper use of buffer salt may cause the column pressure to rise, the column efficiency to decline, and the retention time of compounds to change:

1) the column pressure to rise

cause: improper use of buffer salt leads to the precipitation of buffer salt, blocking the pores between the plug plate and bonded phase particles, hindering the mass transfer of mobile phase, and causing the rise of column pressure

2) the retention time of the same compound changes

cause: if the sample is injected without rinsing, the salt contained in the chromatographic column will change the retention time of the compound

3) column efficiency decreased


i some buffer salts 2. Lighting parts will penetrate into the depths of a large number of bubbles formed by the bonded phase, damaging the silica gel matrix, resulting in the loss of the bonded phase of the chromatographic column, the looseness of the column bed, and the decline of column efficiency

ii condenses on the surface of the bonded phase, making it difficult for the C18 carbon chain to stretch, and the retention capacity of substances such as setting fire barriers decreases, resulting in the decline of column efficiency. Therefore, the chromatographic column needs to be washed after using buffer salt, and special attention should be paid to when the buffer salt concentration in the water is large

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