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Siemens implements flexible working mode in China

trust and result oriented leadership and ownership enterprise culture will lay the foundation for the new mode

Western aircraft began to fly in the air with extremely low temperature, and Menzi announced to implement the future working mode with flexible working as the core in China. Facing the changing market environment and the advent of the digital era, enterprises need to be more resilient and adaptable than ever before. In order to cope with the epidemic and ensure safe social distance, flexible work highlights many advantages and remains popular, which is highly feasible. Therefore, the Management Committee of Siemens AG decided to implement a new work mode around the world, support employees around the world to achieve an average of two to three days of flexible work per week when it is reasonable and feasible, and take it as the company's permanent standard during and after the epidemic. In China, this new model will enable employees to achieve a more flexible, efficient and low-carbon way of working

Siemens leads the transformation of flexible working mode, which means that we trust employees and empower them to create good results with the most flexible and efficient 5. This machine is a closed-loop control method, which also demonstrates the company's culture of keeping pace with the times and the strong action force of leadership. Lothar Herrmann, President and CEO of Siemens Greater China, said that we believe that through this innovative collaboration and Siemens' comprehensive advanced digital technology and solutions, we will be able to better serve customers and partners in all walks of life in China and set a new benchmark for digital transformation

Siemens has been committed to implementing a flexible work mode and advocating a leadership style that takes work results rather than working hours in the office as the performance evaluation standard. Through this new working mode, the company hopes to improve the productivity of the enterprise while encouraging and developing employees, and strengthen Siemens' image as a polluting employer that focuses on employee development and innovation. The new working mode will be carried out in an orderly manner according to different work functions and team needs in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The company will also establish an IT platform and provide training to support the implementation of the new mode

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