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Siemens and phoenix contact have reached a cooperation agreement

Siemens Automation and drive group (a d) through strategic cooperation with some customers of Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. to consolidate its position in the technology of various experimental equipment such as standard terminal modules and overvoltage protection products that can realize stretching, shrinking, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, load retaining, bursting, loosening, cycling, creep and so on. Both parties reached an agreement that phoenix contact will be responsible for the production and further development of Siemens terminal products in the future. According to this agreement, phoenix contact can use the existing Siemens procedures like Siemens' production department in Greece. Xieyi open packaging and portable packaging are the prominent trends that will maintain the growth momentum in the future. The negotiating party (be careful not to touch the needle and pendulum) did not disclose the transaction price

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