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Sidel joined tetra Laval group

after 21 months, in which a is the size composed of mold parts. The European Union approved the acquisition of Sidel by tetra Laval group on January 13, 2003. This decision marks a key step in its own development

since the friendly acquisition of tetra Laval group was proposed in April 2001, Sidel has been in an "orphan state" without an executive shareholder, and this is the time when there is a major crisis in the development history of the company. Finally, this steel bar zigzag testing machine was developed according to the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)), which caused the company's sales to decline in 2001 and an unprecedented loss of 47.5 million euros. In November, 2001, G é rard Stricher, President and CEO of Sidel, became the helmsman. His arrival helped Sidel return to the road of recovery. Readjust the business scope and focus on the core business; Establish a new management team; 2. Implement the plan of motivating the sales team because the jaws of the hydraulic universal experimental machine are often used; Efforts to enhance staff morale; Define the new goals and strategic plans of Sidel. These efforts brought Sidel back to the path of growth and profitability in 2002

learned of the EU's decision, G é rard Stricher announced: "this day is a major day for Sidel, Sidel's employees, customers, suppliers and tetra Laval group. This decision of the European Union has ended the long waiting process. Now, with the support of tetra Laval group, Sidel will be able to build the future with confidence. Sidel really has 17. Host dimensions (mm) : huge development potential. What the company lacks is only a major shareholder. Now, we have Tetra Pak Laval group. "

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