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"Five integrations" promote the upgrading of XCMG crane industry

"five integrations" promote the upgrading of XCMG crane industry

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Guide: changes in the economic environment have led to changes in the entire industry, and mainstream enterprises with innovation as the leading factor and quality connotative growth as the goal will lead this change to a steady breakthrough in the direction of optimization and upgrading. Facing the double test of opportunity and competition, XCMG heavy grabbed the regional structural changes and made strategic layout

changes in the economic environment have led to changes in the whole industry. Mainstream enterprises that take innovation as the leading factor and aim at quality connotative growth will lead this change to a steady breakthrough in the direction of optimization and upgrading. Facing the double test of opportunity and competition, XCMG heavy industry seized the regional structural changes, achieved the second international take-off in the strategic layout, quickly seized the super tonnage to the high point in the product and technology layout, comprehensively implemented the five "deep integration", fully demonstrated its late development advantages, and promoted the crane industry to optimize and upgrade its structure

deep integration of innovation and application design. In September 2012, the 3600 ton crawler crane with the world's largest tonnage was successfully rolled off the production line in Xuzhou, China. The significance of her birth lies not in the achievement of a national industry's pursuit of "the world's largest", but in the integration of "the world's largest" and practical application. This is the first time that China has achieved in-depth integration with users of large central enterprises such as Sinopec in the independent innovation of super large mobile cranes - by carrying out innovative design in combination with actual application conditions, it fills the gap in this field in China's large equipment manufacturing industry. It has become the symbol of China's mobile crane industry moving towards rationality and entering the development channel of optimization and upgrading

crane products are deeply integrated with key projects. In June, 2011, XCMG 2000 ton crawler crane handed in its first round application with full marks; On June 8, 2012, XCMG 2000 ton crawler crane Guangzhou petrochemical project showed its magic power in full load hoisting; On August 1, 2012, XCMG of Quanzhou oil refining project lifted the girder with a 2000 ton crawler crane... In addition, 800 tons of continuous operations in Qingdao, Hebi and Datong have experienced multiple tests of wind power and chemical engineering projects, and 500 tons have become conventional products. So far, they have been used in 15 provinces including Hebei, Shanxi, Tianjin and Fujian, including wind power, petrochemical, ports, bridges, railways More than 100 key projects have been completed in more than 10 industrial projects such as large structural parts. Numerous large-scale engineering applications have proved the high reliability and maturity of domestic equipment, and it also represents that the process of deep integration between China's large mobile cranes and key projects is proceeding rapidly in China

deep integration of customer needs in different countries and regions. On June 20, XCMG exported 130 cranes of more than 100 tons in large quantities for the first time. Crawler cranes with more than 600 tons have also gone out of the country. Made in China led by XCMG has made a qualitative change in the image of the middle and low end of the international crane market. The 100 ton crane with higher technical content developed in China has also been recognized by the international market

behind the appearance is the acceleration of the internationalization of Chinese enterprises' joint ventures with international counterparts, the establishment of research centers in Europe and the United States, and the investment and construction of factories in emerging countries. On the other hand, desert type, oilfield type and plateau type special cranes focusing on different countries and different usage habits have come out one after another. This integration will greatly promote China's crane industry to integrate domestic and foreign advantages on the basis of giving full play to its potential, and realize the optimization and upgrading of industry structure

the deep integration of hard power and soft power. On September 12, Xuzhou, the second national hoisting skills competition, attracted players from all over the country. It is particularly gratifying that a considerable number of private enterprises also sent personnel to participate in the competition. XCMG realized that while building the hard power of China's cranes in an all-round way, it should also stand at the height of the industrial development strategy to frame the human-machine relationship, undertake the task of "building good equipment and building excellent talents", and help operators improve their skills

since 2009, XCMG and six major industry associations have jointly launched the national hoisting skill competition for 15t. In 2012, XCMG and the construction branch of China Construction Industry Association jointly launched the practical manual of large equipment hoisting engineering. In 2012, 15 XCMG crane operator training bases have been built and put into operation

the deep integration of industrial development and corporate citizenship. The crane industry also undertakes a special and important mission, which is the power to build and change the world. At the same time, it also undertakes the responsibility of corporate citizens in the national standard of spring testing machine. Whether Wenchuan, Yushu or Yunnan, as well as major and minor accidents that affect the normal operation of society, the scene of rapid rescue by cranes can be seen everywhere. Hope primary schools, public welfare, assistance and other projects under the attention of crane enterprises are also being established and developed

the prosperity of an industry lies not only in the R & D and industrialization of graphene materials used in the cable field, but also in how powerful several enterprises are, but also in the choice of "shouldering great responsibilities, doing great things and achieving great things" made by the whole group led by XCMG when facing the society. The deep integration of industrial development and corporate citizens will effectively promote the industry to optimize and upgrade its structure

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