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Siemens and Bayern Munich club jointly help wekickcorona initiative

on May 22, 2021, heartbeatfinal Bundesliga final will be held between Bayern Munich and Augsburg. This competition will also provide support for public welfare undertakings. Where is the application of hardness tester? It is closely related to the heartbeat of Bayern fans. They will participate in the data project fcbayernpulse heart rate measurement activity jointly initiated by Siemens and Bayern Munich club during the competition. Siemens will donate 1 euro point to the wekickcorona event every time the heartbeat of the fans is measured. The initiative was launched by Bayern professional players Joshua kimmich and Leon goretzka to help social institutions in financial difficulties due to the COVID-19

many Bayern fans have participated in fcbayernpulse heart rate measurement activities in many Bundesliga matches in 2020/21 season. They upload the data to an interactive station and combine it with more information during the game, such as the running speed of players or activities near the goal, and the final results will be presented in exciting multimedia forms

as the official partner of Bayern Munich club, we support the club to provide extraordinary fan experience in various fields and encourage people to surpass the game itself and make contributions to the society. Our solution is to work silently behind the scenes to ensure the safety of the stadium, the completion of stadium facilities, the use of plastic tensile testing machines, and the safety of fans' journey to and from the stadium, whether they take the subway, bus or self drive. Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said that through the fcbayernpulse project, Jinmin new materials is a technology-based company focusing on the research and operation of high-end new materials industry, we have shown various possibilities of innovative data technology. We are proud that through this cooperation with #wekickcorona, our efforts in this project can also help social welfare institutions that are under pressure during the COVID-19

for the upcoming heartbeatfinal Bundesliga final on May 22, Siemens, Bayern Munich club and wekickcorona are calling on more fans to participate in this initiative. They are the energy enterprises second only to heavy industry to win trackers and other peripheral prizes for participating in heart rate measurement activities. Karl Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of Bayern Munich club, said: I hope many of our fans will actively participate in heartbeatfinal and support two projects at the same time: each heartbeat measurement will help further develop our online virtual stadium experience; And every heartbeat detected will bring a donation of 1 euro cent to raise funds for wekickcorona

The donation activity of wekickcorona was jointly initiated by two Bayern players Joshua kimmich and Leon goretzka. The purpose is to support social and charitable projects during the epidemic by means of donations. So far, more than 4000 donors have participated in the donation, with a total donation of more than 5 million euros. This is our contribution to helping society survive this crisis, which will ensure that our future will be as diverse and vibrant as it is now. Joshua kimmich explained. His teammate Leon goretzka added: we are very happy that Siemens, Bayern and our fans can support heartbeatfinal with us. In difficult times, it is crucial to provide help to people who insist on making contributions to social welfare undertakings

Siemens AG and Bayern Munich club are cooperating to promote technology projects, which is an important part of the partnership between the two sides. With our hardware and software portfolio, automation solutions, digital services and industry knowledge, we are helping Bayern achieve the digital transformation of its infrastructure

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