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Common problems and Countermeasures in the installation of road studs

with the wide application of road studs in domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads, which are also the main direction of the development of automotive materials, the quality problems and service life of road studs have received more attention. However, in the actual application process, the damage and service life reduction of spike often occur because of installation problems. Based on years of construction experience, the author summarizes the problems often encountered in the installation of road studs, and puts forward reasonable installation methods, hoping to discuss with colleagues in the transportation industry

the following are common problems in the installation of spike:

1 Installed on the marking line. Marking is also a kind of resin material, which is also attached to the ground, and its connection force with the ground has a certain limit. If the spike is installed on the marking, the impact force on the spike will be completely transferred to the marking. In this way, the spike is easy to be impacted off, and the marking will also be stuck off

2. The installation position of the spike is uneven. The direct consequence of this is that the force on the spike is uneven, and the pressure on the spike is almost concentrated in the convex and concave parts. If you encounter a large tonnage vehicle, the spike is easy to break

3. The installation position of the spike is not clean. The firmness of the spike depends on the close combination of the spike, glue and the ground. If the installation position is not clean, the dust in it will absorb most of the adhesive force of the glue, resulting in the poor adhesion of the dowels today, which is easy to fall off when subjected to external force impact

4. Insufficient or excessive amount of glue. Insufficient dosage will reduce the firmness of spike bonding and reduce its service life; If the amount is too much, the excess glue will seep out from around the spike, which is easy to rub onto the reflector of the spike and affect its reflective brightness

5. The glue is applied unevenly. When installing the spike, the glue should not only be used appropriately, but also be applied evenly, so as to ensure that all parts of the spike are evenly stressed and avoid being crushed due to uneven stress

should be cleaned

6 The ambient temperature when mixing epoxy resin glue is 4 Our company has insufficient spare parts warehouse. Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue. Glue and curing agent should be proportioned in a certain proportion and mixed evenly before they can play their role. However, due to the severe condensation of epoxy resin glue in low-temperature weather in winter, it is not easy to stir evenly, so it must be heated before use to soften the glue

7. The method of pinching spikes is unscientific. When holding the spike, be sure to hold the two sides without reflectors, so as to avoid glue sticking to the reflectors and affecting the reflective brightness of the reflectors

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