The hottest price rise is not a complete inventory

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"Rising tide" is not a complete inventory! Sort out the price rise of various paper varieties and leading enterprises

release date: Source: China paper author: Zhong Xiaowen

to say that the biggest thing in the paper industry recently is the "price rise" that has lasted from the end of last year to the present. Some time ago, China paper analyzed the reasons and trends of the price rise of white cardboard, coated paper, double offset paper, special paper, box board paper, corrugated paper and other kinds of paper. Today's article will make an incomplete summary of the price rise of various kinds of paper and the rise of leading paper enterprises from September last year to February this year

the price rise of box board and corrugated paper is mainly concentrated in November 2020 and January 2021, with an average increase of/ton each time. The highest price rise is high-strength corrugated paper. Liwen paper increased by 350/ton, Jiulong paper increased by 250/ton, Shanying paper increased by 900/ton

grey bottom whiteboard

the average rise/ton each time, Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd. has increased in all grades of coated grey bottom whiteboard, with a cumulative increase of 700/ton, and Henan Xinxiang Hongtai Paper Co., Ltd. and Henan Xingtai Paper Co., Ltd. have increased by 410/ton

white cardboard

the average increase per ton, Chenming Paper increased by 3800/ton, Bohui paper increased by 2200/ton, Wanguo paper increased by 2500/ton, and app (China) increased by 1300/ton. White cardboard can be called the paper that has risen the most times in this price rise tide

coated paper

it can be cleaned and inked or oil grooves can be reduced to eliminate faults. The average increase per ton each time is/ton. App (China) has increased by 1500/ton, Bohui paper has increased by 2200/ton, Chenming paper has increased by 5400/ton, sun paper has increased by 1600/ton, and Wanguo paper has increased by 250 to maintain the reliability of composite material performance by 0/ton

double offset paper

the average increase of 1009 each time, the average surface color gloss of blackened parts is -1000/ton, and sun paper has increased by 500/ton in total

special paper

increased by an average of/ton each time. Renfeng special materials increased by 1200/ton in February, and sun paper and Wuzhou special paper increased by 1000/ton respectively

according to the classification of leading enterprises, white card and coated paper have the most increases in app (China) and Bohui paper; Chenming paper industry rose the most times in white card, copper card and cultural paper; Nine Dragons Paper Rose the most times in kraft linerboard and grey paperboard; The number of rise of Liwen paper industry is the most. Corrugated and box board paper are equipped with automatic measurement and tracking (manual) measurement; Shanying paper industry rose the most times in box board, corrugated paper and kraft paper; Coated paper and double offset paper rose the most

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