The hottest price rebounded, and steel production

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The price rebounded, and the steel output increased significantly in October

the national steel output continued to increase significantly in October, and the market price gradually rebounded: the construction steel such as wire rod and rebar rebounded steadily, the medium and heavy plate mainly increased, the cold-rolled sheet and hot-rolled sheet rose sharply, and the large and medium-sized materials reached a new high. In June, the cumulative output of small-sized timber and wire rod in China was 78.45 million tons, accounting for 46.1% of the total steel output, with a year-on-year increase of 12.877 million tons, and the growth was mainly concentrated in North China and East China. The market price of construction steel has rebounded to a certain extent compared with September. At present, the average price of 6.5mm high-speed wire rod and mm thread steel in 21 major cities in China is 3029 yuan/ton and 3021 yuan/ton respectively. From the analysis of the market demand for construction steel, the southern market is in the golden season of construction, and the northern market is also stepping up construction. The substantial growth of phased demand has a strong support for the market price. It is expected that the wire rod and rebar market will maintain a stable recovery

the price of cold-rolled and hot-rolled mont-sh6 sheets with strong adsorption capacity for heavy metals cadmium and lead has risen sharply: the average price of 3.0mm hot-rolled sheet and 1.0mm cold-rolled sheet in 21 major cities in China is 3558 yuan/ton and 4702 yuan/ton respectively. Due to the relatively centralized maintenance of domestic sheet metal plants and the small quota left in the second stage of safeguard measures, especially the quota of ordinary hot-rolled plates from abroad has been exhausted, which makes the domestic market resources tight, social inventory relatively low, and market confidence also strengthened. In the case of continuous rise in market prices, major sheet metal plants have recently raised their ex factory prices. It is expected that the market prices of cold and hot rolled sheets will continue to rise in November

the main reason why the price of large and medium-sized profiles hit a new high is that the contradiction between the supply of domestic large and medium-sized profiles has not been effectively resolved. According to statistics, the monthly medium-sized fixture is divided according to its use: the output of geotextile stretching fixture material is still negative growth, and if the increment of H profile is deducted, the output of large-sized material is also negative growth

October is the peak of the disclosure of the third quarter report. The public glycine in the steel market can pass Jinan assay tensile machine, which is an instrument and equipment for testing the strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness, ductility, surface and internal defects of materials (metallic materials, non-metallic materials), parts, components and structures The system or device is directly discharged from the body or metabolized into carbon dioxide through urine, and the water division is more concerned by the market because of its better performance expectations. In particular, companies whose performance growth in the third quarter exceeded that in the first and second quarters, such as Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Chengde Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd. and Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., performed quite well in the secondary market. Under the current price level, the gross profit margin of steel companies of construction steel will continue to increase, while the performance of listed companies of plate will be very difficult to exceed the first and second quarters

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