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Carton ink flexographic printing technology: common problems and precautions in printing typesetting

corrugated ink "> the typesetting of cartons has always been a weak link in enterprise management and often cannot be paid attention to. In fact, the quality of the typesetting of corrugated cartons is directly related to the product quality and printing efficiency of corrugated cartons in electric twist tester K"> printing, and its importance cannot be ignored

at present, there are the following common problems in the typesetting work of many corrugated box enterprises: the film base of the printing plate is torn, the printing is adhesive, and the typesetting temperature is cold in winter and hot in summer, resulting in the aging and deformation of the printing plate, etc

in the storage and storage environment of printing plates, corrugated box enterprises must strengthen on-site management and comprehensively implement 5S, that is, sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy. The production hanging plate rack shall be fixed and positioned according to the use frequency of the printing plate, and shall be sorted regularly. The expired printing plates shall be handled in time, so that the corresponding printing plates are stored orderly, and a comfortable and tidy working environment is created and maintained

during typesetting, the pasting of the hanging bar must be aligned with the edge of the hanging sheet base. Current domestic corrugated ink "> carton factories generally adopt the traditional process of fixing the hanging strip on the hanging plate base with adhesive tape. In this way, the hanging strip often shifts due to the stress on the hanging strip during the use and long-term hanging storage of the printing plate, especially in the hot and humid second and third quarters of each year. In order to change this phenomenon, some corrugated carton enterprises began to adopt cold welding technology to connect the hanging strip with the hanging plate base The material is fused and cooled, so that the plate hanging strip is firmly welded to the plate hanging base at one time, ensuring the stable positioning of the plate hanging strip. At the same time, in order to prevent the hanging plate base near both ends of the hanging plate strip from tearing after being stressed, fiber tape is generally added for reinforcement

in order to ensure the accuracy of typesetting, drawing an accurate baseline is the basis of typesetting, which should be paid great attention to. If the benchmark drawing is not good, it will lead to deviation in the future work of 3D printer technology itself, which is an innovative molding and manufacturing technology, and the problem of inaccurate layout position or overprint will appear. There are mainly two datum lines. One is the longitudinal center line when hanging the plate. This datum line must be drawn from the upper edge of the plate to the lower edge; Another highly elastic strip is the horizontal zero line, that is, the standard distance between the flap line of the corrugated box and the edge of the hanging version film

after the reference line is drawn, draw the upper swing cover line, the box high line and the lower swing cover line according to the size of the corrugated box. When drawing lines, you must not forget to divide them according to the requirements in the circumferential direction of the hanging plate, and there is no need to divide them in the horizontal direction. When loading the plate, the position should be aligned horizontally and vertically. Pay attention to whether the edge of the printing plate is tilted, small characters fall off, adhesive tape falls off, and the plate paper is damaged. If the above conditions occur, take remedial measures immediately

at present, most corrugated box factories still use manual marking to determine the position of the layout, so the position positioning deviation is large. Some enterprises use simple tooling to locate the sections of each page, and the effect is good. It mainly uses the projection principle and the method of printing positioning lines directly on the printed film base to determine the position of the layout, with high typesetting accuracy

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