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Is there any "golden nine and silver ten" in the coating industry with price rise and environmental protection

is there any "golden nine silver ten" in the coating industry with price rise and environmental protection

October 12, 2017

[China paint information]

just after the National Day holiday, the paint industry has ushered in another wave of rising prices of raw materials

from October 9 to 10, titanium dioxide enterprises such as longmang Baili, Shandong Dongjia, CNNC titanium dioxide, Jinzhou titanium industry and Yunnan daxiaotong Titanium Industry issued price adjustment letters one after another, raising the price on the basis of the original price of titanium dioxide products. Around the national day, companies such as Dongcao special chemical company, Wanhua chemical and BASF also announced an increase in the price of MDI

according to relevant data, China's bulk commodity prices continued to rise in September, with a month on month increase of 2.2%. Among them, raw materials such as titanium dioxide, MDI, epoxy resin, butadiene and acrylic acid, which are closely related to coatings, are one price a day, rising sharply

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is there a "golden nine and silver ten" in the coating industry with rising prices and environmental protection

the rise in the price of raw materials is nothing new. Around September, Nippon changrunfa, Jiabaoli, China Resources, zhanchen, Dabao chemical, digital color, Huilong, Lanyang and other coating enterprises have been forced by the pressure of raw materials, and have issued price rise notices. However, with the continuous rise in the price of raw materials, the pressure of coating enterprises is still increasing. According to the analysis of insiders, like the previous "price rise tide", after this "price rise tide", there may be new changes in the pattern of the coating industry. The profit space of small and medium-sized coating enterprises will be squeezed, and the industry concentration will be further improved. The strong will always be strong, and the industry will usher in a new "reshuffle". This should be the "golden nine silver ten" in the peak sales season, which may become the "doomsday" of some coating enterprises

the "golden nine silver ten" of the coating industry this year was hit hard not only by the rise in the price of raw materials. With the rising price of raw materials, the entire chemical industry and even wider enterprises are facing unprecedented environmental pressure. Many new regulations and policies have also been implemented in succession: since October 1, 2017, the measures for the investigation and handling of unlicensed and unlicensed operations promulgated by the State Council has been officially implemented, and unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises will be severely punished. According to incomplete statistics, the implementation of the measures may involve nearly 1000 small and medium-sized chemical enterprises; The decision of the State Council on Amending the "Regulations on drinking clean water and appropriate wastewater treatment" for the environmental protection and management of construction projects also came into force on October 1, 2017 The punishment of construction units that fail to implement environmental protection countermeasures, environmental protection investment estimates, or fail to carry out post environmental impact assessment in accordance with the law has been increased At the same time, according to the background display of HC paint, various environmental protection measures have been introduced in many regions to cope with the upcoming autumn and winter high incidence of air pollution

in recent years, the environmental storm has been raging in the coating industry. Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, many coating enterprises have reduced or stopped production, and the "golden nine silver ten" sales season has arrived. How can they sell without production

the shadow of rising raw material prices and the raging storm of environmental protection have made many coating enterprises difficult to survive. Now, under the heavy pressure of a new wave of rising prices and increased environmental protection, the "golden nine and silver ten" of the coating industry this year is destined to be eclipsed

when it comes to changing the experimental machine, everyone must be familiar with it

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is there any "golden nine silver ten" in the coating industry with rising prices and environmental protection

the author believes that it is too early to draw such a conclusion

although the contribution of September and October to the sales performance of the whole year has no effect of "a hard month is equal to a dry year", from the sales and housing market of the national paint market over the years, the market will still have a small climax in September and October this year. At the same time, the property market picked up in the first half of the year, which also gave paint enterprises new opportunities. It is understood that the decoration materials needed for existing housing transactions in the first half of the year will take a few months, so there will be a "home decoration boom" in the second half of the year, and the paint sales will also increase compared with previous months. Therefore, for Tu enterprises, September and October should still focus on the month when new Dow will be listed again

for coating enterprises and dealers, the traditional "golden nine silver ten" sales expectations will coexist with pressure. All coating enterprises have also made every effort to launch a variety of marketing strategies and new products to make a sprint and preparation for marketing in the second half of the year

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is there a "golden nine and silver ten" in the coating industry with rising prices and environmental protection

under the impact of major consumer festivals, consumers' understanding of the concept of seasonal consumer promotions has become increasingly vague, and the traditional "old tricks" such as low-cost promotions and lottery have gradually become unable to attract consumers. What tricks have coating enterprises used this year

on September 19, 2017, Shenzhen Feiyang Junyan new materials Co., Ltd. held a grand conference on "new pattern, new thinking, new opportunities" asparagus polyurea household waterproof products and flooring solutions at the headquarters of Shenzhen group. We introduced the new product of asparagus polyurea developed by Feiyang Junyan and the new model industrial chain of Feiyang Junyan, which jointly witnessed and promoted the arrival of a new era of home waterproof retail in China

on September 19 and September 24, garberry seaweed mud, the third generation of wall paint, found out the reason and then did the experiment. The European and American dual certification held a launch conference in Nanchang, Jiangmen and other places. The heavy upgrade of the third generation of seaweed mud marks that seaweed mud has completely won the competition with pure flavor products and bamboo charcoal products, and has become the leader of pure flavor wall paint products in the domestic market. Taking advantage of the "golden nine and silver ten" family decoration peak season and the arrival of the National Day golden week, garberry brings a caring product with excellent performance and powerful functions to consumers everywhere

on September 23, the 2017 dealer summit and new product launch of jiaboyuan with the theme of "new empowerment · creating a leading future" was grandly held in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. This conference aims to comprehensively upgrade the brand, enterprise and service of jiaboyuan, and launch a new product - volcanic rock, which is a wave of innovation and shocks the industry

on September 26, Delia 2017 new product strategy conference was grandly held in Westin Hotel of Canton Fair. Delia announced that it would join hands with Tu Zhile to enter art coatings. In addition, Delia also focused on the introduction of metal velvet paint series products, and introduced more than 100 metal paint colors. These products all use metal powder fusion color and color contrast to compound new colors, ensuring the gorgeous color, full color, delicate texture, and will not float color, so it is more conducive to construction and more in line with market demand

coating enterprises have made their own unique moves, taking advantage of their new products, services, quality and other advantages, and taking advantage of the "golden nine silver ten" opportunity to seize the market and improve sales. But generally speaking, the new products launched by coating enterprises are mostly environmental friendly coatings, and they also pay more attention to the quality and use of products. The innovation mode pays more attention to user experience and services, and is more in line with market demand

it is understood that the proportion of solvent based coatings in the whole market is still as high as 55%. Driven by environmental protection policies, this large part of the market is about to be reversed and become an opportunity for environmental friendly coatings. As we have said before, the most difficult time for an industry is also the best opportunity to enter the industry. The current coating industry is in a brutal reshuffle period, and enterprises with insufficient scale, insufficient process level, excessive energy consumption, environmental protection equipment can not keep up, and environmental pollution standards are gradually eliminated. However, the market demand still exists, and during the "golden nine and silver ten" period, the demand further increases. This provides a good opportunity for coating enterprises with strength and technology

we can see that in the market reshuffle period, powerful coating enterprises have taken advantage of the "golden nine silver ten" opportunity to expand the market. The worse the market environment is, the more time it is for enterprises to expand themselves and seize more resources. For paint enterprises, this is the worst "golden nine silver ten", but also the best "golden nine silver ten"

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