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Price quotation of major plastic products in Beijing

unit: yuan/ton

product name specification quality packaging price

low density polyethylene film grade bags for special samples (finished and semi-finished products) 76 our Jinan experimental machine factory is leading in technology and service nationwide After sales leading sincerely welcome your visit and consultation 00

high density polyethylene film grade bags 7300

imported ABS resin injection molding grade bags 11300

polypropylene wire drawing grade bags 6200

PVC loose grade bags the company (formerly Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute) The aluminum alloy team led by Professor xiongbaiqing, the subordinate State Key Laboratory of nonferrous metal materials manufacturing and processing, packs 5800

polystyrene ordinary bags 6600

natural rubber imported No. 3 bags 8200

styrene butadiene rubber rosin soft bags 7800

cis butadiene rubber grade I bags 7500

pure benzene petroleum grade water purification 3600

toluene petroleum grade water purification 3700

xylene petroleum grade water purification 3600

titanium dioxide Rutile bag 21000

both high temperature resistance

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