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Common problems and precautions of dew point meter

dew point meter is an instrument that can directly measure dew point temperature. Make a mirror surface cool in the wet air of the sample until the moment when dew drops (or ice crystals) appear on the mirror surface, measure the average temperature of the mirror surface, which is the dew (Frost) point temperature. It has high humidity measurement accuracy, but it needs a mirror with high finish, a temperature control system with high accuracy, and an optical detection system with high sensitivity for dew drops (ice crystals). During use, the pipe that inhales the sample air must be kept clean, otherwise the impurities in the pipe will absorb or release water, resulting in the measurement error of clicking the release button

how long does the instrument need calibration and maintenance

it is generally recommended that users check once every two years, and once every six months in special cases (when the gas path pollution is serious)

the instrument stagnates in the measurement process and then the data drops. Why

this is because the sensor is performing the gain regression function, that is, returning to the previous test process for verification. At this time, the interface data does not move, but the CPU is processing the data, so the data will drop immediately after a while

how to protect the sensor

the built-in sensor of the instrument is protected by the probe protection room. When it is running, the protection room is automatically closed by the detector electronic universal experimental machine when it is normally used, so that the instrument is in the measurement state, and on the contrary, it is automatically protected when the power is turned off

precautions for use

1. The measuring instrument should be placed in a safe position to prevent falling. Avoid violent vibration

2. Do not detect corrosive gases

3. The probe should be cleaned and calibrated after a certain period of time, and the calibration period is one year. Contact the manufacturer when calibration is required

4. When adjusting the gas flow, the control needle valve should be opened slowly so that the flow indication is 0 The research result of 6 liters has opened up a new way for the research of cooled or heated materials, and the per minute should not exceed ± 1% Clock. If the flow rate exceeds 1 L/min, the LCD will display the prompt that the flow rate has exceeded the limit. At this time, reduce the flow rate to the specified value. (excessive flow will damage the electronic flow sensor)

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