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Price rise? Listen to the "market voice"

at the end of 2016, for the entire lighting industry, "price rise" is about the most common phenomenon. Tracing back to the source, the "initiator" that led to the spread of "price rise tide" is the crazy price rise of raw materials. For most enterprises, although they are forced to raise product prices, it is also urgent. So, from January 1st, 2017, which enterprises will raise prices

Anhui Shilin lighting

price increase: increase by 8%

implementation date: from January 1, 2017

recently, Anhui Shilin lighting issued a "business letter" to all dealers, which showed that the cost of our lighting products has been rising since the sharp rise of raw materials since September. In order to enable our company to better provide high-quality products and services for all dealers, The board of directors of the company has decided that since January 1st, 2017, the prices of all lighting products of our company have increased by 8% on the basis of the original prices. Please be informed by all dealers

At the critical moment, manufacturers can work together to tide over the difficulties

sang Yongshu, chairman and general manager of Anhui Shilin lighting

Anhui Shilin lighting issued a notice of product price increase in mid and late November, which was a difficult decision to raise prices relatively early in the lighting industry. To tell the truth, if we don't have to, we are also very reluctant to raise the product price, because our dealer group is very stable, and the vast majority of dealers have maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time. In addition, at the end of the year, it is the time for merchants to make promotional inventory. If the plunger pump has a reinforcing piece failure, we are a little sorry to rashly raise the product price

although we are very reluctant to change the price system, the sharp rise in the price of raw materials does make it difficult for us to bear the high cost pressure. On the premise that we do not have the ability to absorb costs, we have launched a market-oriented mechanism operation strategy for product price increases

it is very gratifying that we have received the understanding and support of most cooperative businesses, including liumingxian, chairman of Linyi Shilin lighting, which makes me feel the value of "manufacturers work together to tide over the difficulties". Here, I am very grateful to the dealers who understand and support Shilin lighting

the price of raw materials is still rising, but the products of Anhui Shilin lighting have not been affected in any way, whether they are produced or shipped, which is the best support we can give our partners. At the same time, in order to give back the support of cooperative merchants, Anhui Shilin lighting will pay more attention to product quality and produce more cost-effective products to improve the core competitiveness of cooperative merchants in the terminal market, so that they can improve their profit space and truly achieve a "win-win situation for manufacturers"

Songwei lighting

price increase: expected to reach more than 10%

implementation date: from January 1, 2017

1 plastic flexible packaging is the most important use of composite polyurethane adhesive. On November 26, Songwei lighting issued a notice of "several matters to all customers", in which, in addition to mentioning several major events such as loan settlement methods, estimated deadline for receipt of orders and logistics holiday estimates, Songwei lighting also clearly put forward the "expected rise time of ex factory unit price of products"

the notice shows that before December 31, 2016, Songwei lighting will hold firm to the ex factory unit price of products, and the company plans to increase the ex factory unit price of all products sold by Songwei lighting from January 1, 2017, and the price increase may reach more than 10%

insist on "moving partners with heart". We are willing to give merchants more time

Xie Wei, chairman of Songwei lighting

this year, most enterprises and dealers in the lighting industry feel operating pressure due to the downturn of the overall environment, real estate regulation and other factors. It is the so-called "house leakage happens every night". Since October, the price rise of raw materials has swept the upstream parts enterprises. By November, some finished product enterprises were unable to resist the cost pressure and chose to raise the product price one after another. By the end of November, packaging enterprises also issued price rise notices one after another. It can be said that the whole LED industry was quite restless in 2016, both upstream enterprises and midstream and downstream enterprises

from the perspective of industry development, although the "Butterfly Effect" caused by the rise in raw material prices has brought cost pressure to enterprises to a certain extent, the result of this phenomenon is what I am happy to see. The lighting industry is mixed. At a time when low-quality and low-cost products are flooding the market, whether the price of raw materials or the price increase of finished products and packaged products can promote the development of the industry to a certain extent, and also enhance the comprehensive strength and market competitiveness of enterprises that attach importance to and adhere to product quality

at present, many lighting enterprises have raised the price of their products to a certain extent on the premise that it is difficult to absorb the cost pressure by themselves. Songwei lighting is also facing the operating pressure of increasing costs. But so far, Songwei lighting has been carrying it by itself, which stems from our business purpose of "moving our partners with heart"

although raising product prices is a must, we are willing to give Songwei's partners more preparation time to ease their business pressure. I believe that when you always think from the perspective of the business, the understanding and support given by the business will exceed your imagination

therefore, after Songwei sent out the expected rise time and range of products, many businesses made it clear that they would fully cooperate with the company's decision, and said that they would meet the upcoming challenges with Songwei

observe the price rise of

don't "rise for the sake of rise"

rise in price. Listen to the "market voice"

rise in price, rise in price, or rise in price. The crazy rise in the price of raw materials has led to a wave of rising product prices of lighting and lighting enterprises, as well as a wave of packaging enterprises. Affected by the rise in the price of raw materials, when it is difficult for enterprises to digest the cost rise in a better way, "price rise" has become the most helpless and urgent choice

the price rise is relatively flat on the whole. Judging from the price increase range of lighting, lighting and packaging enterprises that have clearly issued the price increase notice, most enterprises control the price increase range at 8% - 10%, such as Anhui Shilin lighting, Foshan Omani optoelectronics, Louis Vuitton lighting, osgona, Magellan and other enterprises, all increase the price by 8% on the basis of the original products, and the price increase range is relatively flat, which is also easy for businesses to accept

compared with lighting and lighting enterprises, the price increase of packaging enterprises is more flexible, some only increased by 5%-10%, some increased by 10%-20%, and others choose to price according to the specific situation of raw material price increase. Here, I want to say that no matter how much the price increase is, we hope that enterprises can set prices according to the actual situation, and we can't deliberately raise prices, which will bring unbearable pressure to cooperative businesses, otherwise the result will only be "self defeating"

implementation time, most enterprises choose early December. Judging from the current implementation time of product price increases of major lighting, lighting and packaging enterprises, 80% of enterprises choose to implement the price adjustment measures from December 1, and only 10% of enterprises choose to raise the product price after January 2017

industry veterans said that many factors need to be considered in formulating the price increase range and implementation time of enterprises: first, try to give dealers more buffer time; 2、 We should pay attention to the rationality of pricing. If the pricing is unreasonable, it is very easy to destroy the cooperative relationship with merchants, which is also extremely detrimental to the development of enterprises

manufacturers work together to fully understand the hardships. With the increasingly fierce competition and the continuous downturn of the overall environment, no matter lighting, lighting enterprises or packaging enterprises, in the moment of increasingly weak profits, it is understandable to timely increase the price of products on the basis of the understanding of cooperative customers. Only by ensuring the rationalization of profit space can the quality of products be guaranteed. At the same time, we hope that businesses can fully understand and accept the reasonable price increase, and work together with enterprises to tide over the difficulties

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