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Fresh keeping dairy packaging in the eyes of "Guangming"

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, dairy consumption is also increasing year by year. The growth of China's dairy industry and related packaging and mechanical processing industries should not be underestimated. In this case, the dairy enterprises are paying more and more attention to the dairy products themselves and the packaging of dairy products. The current dairy market can be roughly divided into two camps: normal temperature dairy products and fresh-keeping dairy products. The domestic fresh-keeping dairy market can be said to be created by Guangming, and Guangming has been promoting the brand concept of health and fresh-keeping. There is no doubt that relying on its original and current advantages, Guangming still maintains its leading position in the industry of fresh-keeping products (yogurt, cheese, etc.)

what is the current situation of the packaging form and packaging equipment of fresh-keeping dairy products in China, and what direction will it develop? This article will show readers the insight of "bright"

cold chain fresh-keeping products will become the product development trend of dairy industry

at present, in Western Europe, northern Europe and other developed countries, cold chain fresh-keeping products occupy an absolute market leading position, and normal temperature products are almost invisible; This situation will also appear in China in the near future, and will perform incisively and vividly in China's dairy industry. In the future, the market competition for fresh-keeping products in China's dairy market will be very fierce. For dairy production enterprises, fresh-keeping cold chain products have the highest requirements for transportation and technology, and therefore become the products with the highest added value and the largest profit

the powder is printed layer by layer until it is formed. At present, Mengniu and Yili have established large-scale yogurt production lines in Ma'anshan, Wuxi and other places respectively. Famous dairy manufacturers such as Beijing Sanyuan and Hangzhou Weiquan are also focusing on the fresh-keeping product market. However, the domestic fresh-keeping dairy market can be said to be created by Guangming, and Guangming has been promoting the brand concept of health and fresh-keeping. There is no doubt that relying on its original and current advantages, Guangming still maintains its leading position in the industry of fresh-keeping products (yogurt, cheese, etc.)

fresh-keeping products have very strict requirements for cold chain technology in the logistics process. Guangming dairy, which has been engaged in the production of fresh-keeping dairy products for many years, has advanced cold chain transportation system foundation, including its leading logistics company, intermediate links and sales terminals that meet the requirements of cold chain transportation. These advantages are unmatched by normal temperature liquid milk production enterprises

packaging status of cold chain fresh-keeping dairy products -- let a hundred flowers bloom

previously, the evaluation standard of Chinese consumers on fresh-keeping dairy products was still focused on the quality of products, and there was no more packaging to choose from. With the continuous improvement of national living standards, more and more attention has been paid to the packaging of dairy products. Packaging can improve the grade of products to a great extent, and provide insight into a person's habits, preferences, consumption concepts and other more information. At present, the packaging forms of cold chain fresh-keeping dairy products can be described as a hundred flowers bloom, including: roof bag, cup, plastic bottle, plastic barrel, etc

in recent years, Guangming has been constantly bringing forth new ideas in terms of product packaging. The packaging applied by Guangming to dairy products has roughly experienced the following development process: first, it first introduced the roof packaging of international paper industry in China, then launched the cup connected products, and later developed to the single cup packaging. At present, it has also launched Tetra Pak TT crown new packaging. Nowadays, the paper and plastic packaging forms of bright dairy products are developing simultaneously, and the types are becoming more and more diverse. In terms of tonnage, the roof package products account for 35% of the total amount of bright dairy products, the cup products account for 45%, and the other 20% are single cup and bottle products. Guangming's business philosophy is to require packaging with different appearance to be targeted at groups of different consumption levels: the company changed its name to "dowdupont". For example, Tetra Pak crown introduced by Guangming has a beautiful and novel appearance, the barrel is made of paper, and the upper bottle mouth is covered with HDPE plastic cap. This packaging 7. The form of accumulator has a good response in the market in sales regions including Taiwan and Hong Kong, but after all, the cost is very high, so it is only suitable for taking the high-end route It is suitable for high-income people

hdpe bottle packaging will become the leading packaging form of fresh-keeping dairy products for a period of time

in China's fresh-keeping dairy market a few years ago, the roof packaging of international paper industry occupied an absolute monopoly position in the dairy packaging industry. However, in recent years, the use of roof packaging has shown a downward trend, replaced by HDPE plastic bottle products. The dairy products packaged in HDPE bottles will become a good development trend in the field of fresh-keeping dairy products in the future

hdpe plastic bottles are more changeable in label appearance and printing color, and the filling equipment for bottle shaped products is more versatile and adaptable. The same equipment can be applied to plastic bottles of different types, diameters and capacities, and bottle packaging gives products better sealing and safety. In contrast, the filling equipment of the roof packaging can only correspond to the roof packaging of the only caliber, and the interchangeability and flexibility of the products are poor

at present, in addition to the previous HDPE fresh milk cold chain bottle products launched by Danone, Guangming, Mengniu, Yili and Sanyuan have also followed up this market in time

pet bottles will lead the new trend of fresh-keeping dairy packaging in the future.

at present, in the Nordic countries where the dairy industry is quite developed, such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc., there are almost no roof bags without covers. Elopak roof bags with plastic covers are used for large-capacity dairy products. In addition, the form of HDPE bottled products is also very common. Another new development trend is the use of inner coated PET bottles

pet material has its own defects. Its oxygen permeability and light transmittance to a large extent restrict its application in dairy packaging, especially yogurt packaging. The light resistance of coated PET is still not as good as that of HDPE bottles. However, the shelf life of fresh-keeping yogurt products is usually about one month, so the light transmittance of pet has little impact on the taste of dairy products during the shelf display period of products, and people who are not experts cannot distinguish it

pet bottle has an incomparable advantage in that its strength is better than that of HDPE material. After the bottle embryo is made, it can be blown and connected for production, and its sanitary performance is also excellent. In addition, the high transparency of PET materials can make consumers see the contents more intuitively, and the shelf display effect is better, which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy

throughout China's dairy market, HDPE materials will still occupy an absolutely dominant position. In the short term, there will not be much demand and promotion for PET materials in the Chinese market, mainly because the use of HDPE materials in China's dairy industry is in the ascendant, and will not be replaced by another packaging form in the peak period of stable development. In China, only a few enterprises have taken the lead in trying to apply PET materials in dairy packaging

however, we have reason to believe that PET bottles will lead the new fashion of fresh-keeping dairy packaging in the future dairy packaging market

adaptable bottling equipment and professional large fruit yoghurt bottling equipment will become favorites

for ordinary liquid milk products, since bottle packaging products will be the development trend of packaging in the future, the application of bottling equipment will become more and more common, and flexible and adaptable bottling equipment will be a very important development trend in the future

as for yogurt fresh-keeping products, dairy manufacturers should pay more attention to how to refit the existing filling equipment to solve the problem of filling large fruit yogurt. For dairy enterprises, professional filling equipment for large fruit yogurt will also be more favored

at present, in some European countries, yogurt products should contain fruit grains, and products without fruit grains are almost invisible. In the domestic yogurt Market, the proportion of fruit grain products in the market is also very large. The emergence of new products has also brought some troubles to yogurt manufacturers: the problem of adding fruit grains has troubled the industry for a long time

due to the high price of similar foreign filling equipment and its serious mismatch with domestic equipment, the fruit granule addition method commonly used by domestic dairy production enterprises is to transfer yogurt and the fruit granules to be added to the same material pipe at the same time, mix them with a static mixer, and then enter the filling material cylinder for filling. As the mixing and mixing effect of the static mixer is not ideal, and the yogurt mixed with fruit particles will have fruit particles settling in the cylinder, the fruit particles in the pre and post filling batches of fruit yogurt products are unevenly distributed, affecting the product quality. At the same time, due to the plane in-line distribution of the filling nozzle, there is a distance difference between the filling nozzle and the feeding cylinder, which will lead to the uneven distribution of the fruit particles of the same batch of products in the filling of the fruit particles of the filling nozzle at different distances. Therefore, it brings product defects to fruit yogurt, especially for large fruit yogurt, which will be more obvious

after a lot of research and tests, the engineering and technical personnel of Guangming dairy abandoned the traditional static mixing method of materials and took the lead in using the new technology of dynamic proportional mixing to realize the quantitative and uniform filling of fruit grains. The specific method is as follows: the yogurt and fruit granules are transported separately, the fruit granules controlled by the proportional controller are directly transported to the dynamic mixer, and the yogurt transported to the dynamic mixer through another pipe is directly input into the product filling mouth after being fully stirred by the dynamic mixer, which effectively ensures that the products of different filling batches and different filling mouths of the same batch can achieve the effect of a balanced distribution of fruit granules. In addition, Guangming dairy also used the technology of fruit grain directional distributor in the dynamic mixer to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. After using this new technology, Guangming dairy has further improved the quality of fruit yogurt products. Guangming's self refitted equipment has strong adaptability and can be applied to fruit grain products of different sizes with good results. Guangming's innovation in fruit grain filling equipment has created a precedent in the industry and also made the sales of this product continue to rise steadily

in the production process of yogurt, it is certain that the filling valve has a certain impact on the viscosity of yogurt. Different valve heads need different viscosities, and different types of yogurt also need different viscosity control ranges. The diaphragm valve has little damage to the viscosity of yogurt products, but if it encounters products containing fruit particles, it may cause dripping and leakage due to failure to close. At this time, the rotary valve should be started, but the rotary valve has great damage to the viscosity of products. Guangming's solution to this problem is comprehensive consideration, and will select excellent equipment suppliers to select the most appropriate filling valve head within a certain viscosity range

it is reported that Shanghai Siguo has recently launched a special filling equipment for large fruit pulp yogurt, and Yili has purchased the equipment for the production of large fruit yogurt. If professional filling equipment suppliers can meet the requirements of dairy enterprises in terms of the size of filling pulp, the impact of filling valve on the viscosity of yogurt, filling speed and precision, it is believed that such professional large fruit filling equipment will have a large market

domestic suppliers still need to work hard to define the gap between domestic and foreign equipment by "similar in shape and different in spirit". That is to say, domestic equipment is no different from foreign equipment in appearance, but its performance and technical parameters are still not higher汉森四磨汤喝多久见效

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