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In the survey of quality regrets, there are relatively more regrets in the change of house type, accounting for 28.9%, floor and floor tiles also accounting for 28.3%, while the regrets for wall coating, wallpaper and ceramic tiles account for 24.6%

in the survey of quality regrets, there are relatively more regrets in the change of house type, accounting for 28.9%, floors and floor tiles also accounting for 28.3%, while those who regret wall coatings, wallpaper and tiles account for 24.6%, sanitary wares and cabinets account for 22.5%, lighting layout also accounts for nearly 20%, and the proportion of various quality regrets is relatively average. In the survey, we found that more than half of the voters believed that the details were the most prone to regret. The more details, the more we can see the construction quality, the designer's ability and the overall control of the decoration company. Regrets about quality are usually caused by negligence in construction, such as wall cracks, uneven internal and external corners, etc. Some regrets can be remedied the day after tomorrow, while others are incurable

>& gt;& gt; Relevant recommendations: Decoration regrets and precautions -- bathroom

[regret 1] the slope of the bathroom is too small

the bathroom floor should be inclined towards the floor drain. But the slope is too large, and the effect looks bad; If the slope is too small and there is too much water, it will flow outside. The slow drainage will often precipitate the sewage in the drainage process, resulting in a smelly smell in the bathroom

regretful reasons:

first, the construction personnel may slow down the floor slope of the toilet because the large slope will affect the beauty of the ground; Second, the floor tiles are too large, making it difficult to adjust the slope


if the slope is too small after the ground works have been completed, it is recommended to choose a shower screen to concentrate the water in the shower area and do not flow to other areas; You can hang a shower curtain on the bathtub to prevent water splashing

[regret 2] carpentry work is rough

many people like to let carpenters make a bar, overcoat cabinet, etc. when decorating, but they regret it after it is done. It is very different from the finished products sold in the market, either the surface is rough or the line is not straight

sorry reason:

it's best not to make on-site work that shouldn't be done on site. Now the finished products can be customized according to the size of the home. The on-site production process is not up to standard, and may not be environmentally friendly


the cabinet can be polished with fine sandpaper and then painted. The wooden door can be renovated and painted after being polished by workers

[regret 3] the wooden cabinet in the bathroom is peeling

the bathroom has a lot of steam, and it usually uses a lot of water, so it often feels wet. The wooden cabinet, door frame or skirting line placed in the bathroom will be moldy and skinned after a period of time

regrettable reason:

this may be because the exterior wall of the bathroom is not completely dry after the decoration, resulting in moisture return; It may also be that the water pipe running inside the toilet wall seeps outward, causing the wall to return to moisture; If the cabinet has mildew for a long time, it may be caused by excessive use of the bathroom at ordinary times and too much fog


the bathroom is too wet, which may be due to poor ventilation. To alleviate this problem, you can replace the door with a special door for the bathroom, do a good job in dry and wet zoning, and install a strong exhaust fan, etc

[regret iv] floor arching

the floor is sunken or prominent, with some four corners cocked and the middle sunken; Some of them are warped on one side

regretful reason:

the main reason is that the ground is wet, or the wooden floor expands after being damp. Due to the anisotropy of wood, the local stress on the board surface is uneven and arched


furniture can be placed on the arched deformation part. For example, the middle of the living room can be pressed with tea tables, stools, etc. after the contraction process of the floor is completed, it may be fine

[regret v] the newly completed wall has cracks

various cracks will appear on the wall due to season, construction, construction and other reasons, especially after the test of thermal expansion and cold contraction throughout the year, such cracks are more likely to appear

regrettable reasons:

first, wall cracks are caused by the building itself; Second, the decoration team cut corners. If the mixed mortar used for the plastering layer is not configured in proportion, or the wall surface is not leveled with gypsum, the wall surface will crack and curl


it is understandable that individual cracks appear. After all, the wall is also affected by climate or architecture

if it doesn't look good, in addition to reprocessing the wall, small areas can be covered with current popular wall stickers, and large areas can be covered with wallpaper

[regret vi] the tiles on the riser are loose.

the tiles are often loose and hollowed in the place where the riser is wrapped. If the decoration is not in place, the tiles may even fall or crack

regrettable reason:

in order to save money, the decoration team wrapped the riser with a wooden keel, and did not brush anti-corrosion and waterproof paint. The tiles were not easy to adhere to the wooden keel, and the wood was damp, resulting in the loosening and falling off of the tiles


the riser shall be made of light steel keel and cement board, which shall be painted with waterproof and anti-corrosion paint, and the tiles on the cement board shall be hung with barbed wire, otherwise it is easy to fall off. At the same time, the hanging net should be connected to the wall for more than 5 cm, and the wall and the cement board should be integrated. If this phenomenon occurs again after decoration, it must be done again, otherwise it will affect future use





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