Decoration effect drawing of Qingcheng Huafu fresh

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The most important thing of home is to make yourself more suitable, more comfortable and more comfortable, not just for "letting people visit". In the design, the designer of this case considered the detailed requirements of the owner, advocated "the integration of things and me", designed a "humanized" home, luxurious but not wasteful, simple and never abandoned by the trend, and connected with the trend on the basis of ensuring the functionality of the home

basic information of decoration in this case:

decoration community: Qingcheng Huafu

decoration style: pastoral style

decoration area: 88 square meters

decoration cost: 60000

decoration company: Decoration bidding recommendation company

more decoration effect pictures:

make rational use of space and reflect functionality in simplicity

it is convenient and practical to place microwave ovens on the dining table and cups and other necessities on the wall

use the position beside the window to store small items and make the mess disappear

set up a bookshelf on the wall to show the love book to the guests

log kitchen, white tone, fresh and natural




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