Feng Shui Theory of decoration analyzes the taboos

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Feng Shui in the decoration of the living room can not be ignored. The living room can not only be understood as a place for guests to talk, but also a space for family members to gather, chat and relax. It should be a lively and friendly place. The living room can have a good feng shui, can give the family a piece of health and good luck, but also make the guests feel comfortable; On the contrary, you may encounter bad luck, and fewer and fewer guests will come to your house, which will never become very lonely

the hanging books and furnishings in the living room are also symbols of taste personality to some extent. The orientation of the living room is particularly important in tradition "e; Feng Shui " Is called "e; Financial position "e;, It is related to the prosperity, career and reputation of the whole family, so the layout and decoration of the living room cannot be neglected




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