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38 measures to support private enterprises! The petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and natural gas industries were all allowed to relax the

38 measures to support private enterprises! On October 23, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the people's Bank of China and other six ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on supporting private enterprises to accelerate reform, development, transformation and upgrading", which is a heavy and positive policy to support private enterprises

there are 38 policies in the document, all of which are dry goods. For example, continue to reduce taxes and fees, and relax market access for private enterprises. Especially in terms of market access, it involves electrical equipment manufacturing, oil and gas infrastructure, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, natural gas, railways and railway passenger and freight stations, express logistics, inspection and testing, etc. In addition, support social capital to enter the banking, securities, asset management, bond market and other financial service industries

The full text of the document is as follows:

implementation opinions on supporting private enterprises to accelerate reform, development, transformation and upgrading

fgtg [2020] No. 1566

people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, relevant departments of the State Council, the National General Industry Association, the National Development Bank, the Export Import Bank of China, the Agricultural Development Bank of China With the consent of the State Council, the following opinions are put forward to further create a fair competitive environment for the development of private enterprises and promote the expansion of employment

  1. Effectively reduce the production and operation costs of enterprises

  (1) continue to promote tax reduction and fee reduction. We will effectively implement various policies for normalized epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, simplify the experimental speed of preferential policies: 5 mm/min, and carry out in-depth targeted policy publicity and guidance to help enterprises accurately grasp and timely enjoy various preferential policies. We will implement the policy of reducing or exempting social insurance premiums and reducing social insurance premiums at different stages. For small and medium-sized enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic situation, their applications for extension of tax payment shall be approved according to law. The trade union funds of small and micro enterprises from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021 will be fully refunded

   (II) further reduce the cost of energy use. We will implement supportive policies to reduce electricity prices for enterprises at different stages, and continue to promote the reduction of electricity prices for large industries and general industries and businesses except for high energy consumption by 5% throughout the year. We will effectively strengthen the regulation of power transfer prices to ensure that private enterprises can enjoy the dividends of price reduction in full and on time

   (III) further promote logistics cost reduction. We will regulate fees for port, liner, railway, airport and other business services in accordance with the law. Establish a land guarantee mechanism for logistics infrastructure, guide local governments to reasonably set investment intensity, tax contribution and other indicators, and encourage long-term leasing and other ways to guarantee logistics land. Regulate the traffic management of urban distribution vehicles, optimize traffic management measures according to local conditions, and encourage the development of intensive distribution modes such as night distribution, joint distribution and unified distribution

  II. Strengthen the support for scientific and technological innovation

  (IV) support the participation in major national scientific research projects. Encourage private enterprises to participate in the construction of innovation platforms such as the national industrial innovation center, the national manufacturing innovation center, the National Engineering Research Center and the national technological innovation center, accelerate the identification of national enterprise technology centers for private enterprises, and support private enterprises to undertake major national science and technology strategic tasks

   (V) increase investment in inclusive scientific and technological innovation. All localities should increase the use of scientific and technological innovation funds for inclusive scientific and technological innovation, and support private enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation through bank enterprise cooperation, government guidance funds, science and technology and intellectual property insurance subsidies, science and technology credit and intellectual property pledge financing risk compensation

                   8195. Promote the further opening of major national scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments to private enterprises. Private enterprises and social forces are encouraged to establish professional scientific instrument and equipment service institutions to participate in the management and operation of national scientific research facilities and instruments

   (VII) improve the intellectual property operation service system. Develop specialized technology trading intellectual property operation institutions and cultivate technical managers. We will standardize the exploration of intellectual property securitization and promote the innovation of intellectual property financing products. Build a national public service platform for intellectual property, and provide one-stop intellectual property search, protection and consulting services for private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises

   (VIII) promote the digital transformation of private enterprises. We will implement the action of "Empowering enterprises with digital intelligence in the cloud" and the special action of digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises, arrange a number of digital transformation promotion centers, gather a number of digital service providers for small and medium-sized enterprises, develop digital platforms and system solutions that meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide corresponding financing support for enterprises' cloud building, cloud launching and cloud utilization in combination with industry characteristics. We will implement the industrial interconnection innovation and development project, support advantageous enterprises to improve the application level of industrial interconnection, and drive the development of new business forms and new models such as network collaborative manufacturing and large-scale personalized customization

  III. improve resource element guarantee

  (IX) innovate the supply mode of industrial land. We will optimize the business environment in the land market, ensure that private enterprises have equal access to industrial land supplied by the government or transferred by the park according to law, allow small and medium-sized private enterprises to jointly participate in the bidding, auction and listing of industrial land, and divide the land according to regulations. Private enterprises are encouraged to use their own industrial land to develop new industries and new formats and carry out R & D and innovation. If the plot ratio is allowed to be increased according to relevant plans and regulations, the land price and other fees will not be increased. If a private enterprise withdraws from its original land use, the municipal and County People's governments shall support the transfer of land according to law and contract, and protect its legitimate land rights and interests; If the land is changed for development, the industrial land can be rearranged by means of agreement transfer

   (x) strengthen talent support and training. Unblock the professional title evaluation channel for professional and technical talents in private enterprises, and promote socialized evaluation. We will increase the proportion of people in private enterprises who enjoy special government subsidies. Timely release the salary distribution guidelines for skilled talents, and guide enterprises to establish a salary distribution system that meets the characteristics of skilled talents. We will accelerate the implementation of vocational skills improvement, carry out large-scale vocational skills training for all kinds of urban and rural workers, including employees of private enterprises, and implement training subsidies as required

(XI) optimize the qualification management system. We will dynamically adjust the stock of qualifications and certification and accreditation, optimize and reduce the qualification categories, and reduce the qualification categories and grades of construction enterprises by more than one third. For the new capacity of new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and other industries, on the condition that they meet the market access requirements, they shall be given fair qualification, certification and recognition, and no additional preconditions shall be set. We will deepen the reform of the production license system for industrial products. Except for products involving public safety and economic safety, license management will no longer be implemented. For products that are also the basic requirements for laboratory personnel, license management will be retained, and the approval authority will be delegated to the provincial market supervision department. We will improve the compulsory product certification system, explore the introduction of "self conformity declaration" and optimize the certification procedures

    (XII) break the regional division and local protection of factor flow. Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, enterprises shall not be required to register in a certain place, and obstacles shall not be set for the free migration of enterprises between different regions. Support local governments to carry out the reform of "one license and multiple addresses", and explore ways to simplify the procedures for establishing branches of platform enterprises. Gradually unify the registration business specifications, data standards and unified platform service interfaces of national market entities, and reduce the differences of registration business among regions. Improve the service platform for enterprise cancellation and further facilitate the cancellation procedures for taxpayers. After the establishment, the market entities that have not carried out production and business activities or have no creditor's rights and debts may be cancelled in accordance with the simple procedures

  IV. focus on solving financing problems

  (XIII) increase credit support for private enterprises. We will guide commercial banks to increase credit to private manufacturing enterprises, substantially increase medium - and long-term loans to meet the long-term financing needs of private manufacturing enterprises. We will further revise and improve the performance evaluation methods for financial enterprises and strengthen the evaluation of loan business for small and micro enterprises. Encourage small and medium-sized banks to deepen cooperation with development and policy oriented financial institutions to improve the quality and efficiency of serving private enterprises and small and micro enterprises

   (XIV) support credit financing. We will strengthen guidance on the construction of comprehensive credit service platforms for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and local credit reporting platforms, promote government departments, public utilities and large Internet platforms to open enterprise credit information to credit reporting agencies and credit rating agencies, encourage financial institutions to strengthen cooperation with credit reporting agencies and credit rating agencies, and use big data and other technical means to develop mortgage free and guarantee free credit loan products for private enterprises. We will strengthen the promotion of small, medium-sized and micro enterprise financing models such as "Xinyi loan" with credit information as the core content. Relying on various credit information service platforms such as the national comprehensive credit service platform for small and medium-sized enterprise financing and the local credit investigation platform, we will strengthen the collection of credit information and give better play to the supporting role of credit loans for small and micro enterprises. We will make good use of the inclusive small loan support program and substantially increase credit loans to small and micro enterprises. We will deepen the "interaction between banking and taxation", expand the scope of beneficiary enterprises, and promote the alleviation of corporate financing problems

    (XV) expand the scope of loan collateral. Support large enterprises to assist upstream and downstream enterprises to carry out supply chain financing. Develop pledge loans for enterprise accounts receivable, inventory, warehouse receipts, equity, leasehold and other rights in accordance with the law. Actively explore the inclusion of energy use rights, carbon emission rights, emission rights, future revenue rights of contract energy management, franchise charging rights, etc. into the scope of financing pledge guarantee. Gradually expand the scope of intellectual property pledge, package and combine financing for intangible assets such as enterprise patents, trademark exclusive rights and copyrights, and promote the incremental expansion of intellectual property pledge loans. We will continue to extend real estate registration service points to banking financial institutions, accelerate "Internet + real estate registration", and promote the whole process of real estate registration information inquiry, mortgage advance registration and mortgage registration, and issuance of electronic real estate registration certificates. Banks and other financial institutions are encouraged to increase the maximum credit line of private manufacturing enterprises according to the evaluation results of enterprise logistics, information flow and capital flow

   (16) expand direct financing channels for private economy. We will support private enterprises in bond financing and further increase the scale of private enterprise bond issuance. We will vigorously develop venture capital and support the innovative development of private enterprises. We will support private enterprises in listing and financing in the National SME share transfer system and regional equity markets

   (17) innovate the government guarantee compensation mechanism for credit risk. Guide government financing guarantee institutions to increase their support for small, medium and micro enterprises

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