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How about the signal of 360 home firewall 5pro dual Gigabit router? A certain East started to evaluate

this 360 home firewall 5pro dual Gigabit router was recommended by the evaluation. A certain East behind planted a 360 home firewall 5pro dual Gigabit router, which has been used for a period of time. The sharing experience is as follows: 360 home firewall 5pro is very beautiful. It was bought after 50% discount with worry smart securities. It has a high cost performance. The black frosted shell looks very high-end, very conspicuous, and full of black technology, The price is also cheap and the workmanship is fine. I have always liked 360. It can be connected with the passive puller and the passive connector of the reaction frame. The very intuitive exhibition is an ideal detection equipment with simple operation, convenient use and stable performance to show all connection states

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I. JD price of 360 home firewall 5pro dual Gigabit Router:

JD price: ¥ 199.00

details of JD's latest activity price:

II. 360 home firewall 5pro dual Gigabit router configuration parameters:

commodity name: 360 home firewall 5pro

III. 360 home firewall 5pro advantages and disadvantages comments:


1. The router is large enough and has enough cooling space, so the CPU temperature is not high, There will be no problem of network instability due to high temperature

2. The packaging is very attractive, and enterprises playing with tensile testing machines should also become partners of cooperation. It is also very creative

The router system of

3 and 360 is quite good, especially for a series of functions on children. It is very practical

4. The configuration is high. Buying such a configuration at this price is better than many second-hand ones. For example, k2p

it is very simple to use 360 app to connect the network. To my surprise, it can also identify the smart devices connected at home and display them with intuitive icons, which is convenient for users to manage the status of smart devices. 360 is originally a powerful Internet enterprise that studies and judges the future development trend of the lithium battery material industry. Unexpectedly, the routers it produces have such functions. This is a function that other routers cannot do. The network signal of the router is very good. I have my network signal downstairs. The Gigabit network router really deserves its reputation

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