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3CX released cloud PBX mobile integration solution

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the company has made steady progress in unified communication innovation, including smart client, integrated cloud deployment and user interface improvement

cti Forum () news on October 21 (compiler/Lao Qin): 3CX, the developer of the next generation software PBX, today announced the launch of the latest version 14 of the 3CX system for windows, which is an award-winning communication solution. The latest version provided to dealers has the ability to provide hosting and local exchange functions on the same platform at the same time; Welcome those partners who are looking to expand their virtual switch products

new IOS, Android and windows phone smart clients

3cx uses advanced push technology and sip channel integration to develop a completely rewritten smart client that supports IOS and Android systems, raising mobility to a new level. Smart users can now expand their offices to any location simply by using a common mobile

Nick galea, CEO of 3CX, said:

version 14 sets a wide range of new standards, especially in terms of intelligent data processing support. Now we have integrated push on our soft client to make 3CX push messages take precedence over other messages. 3CX system provides an unparalleled mobile office system at your fingertips. Combined with its ease of use and manageability, 3CX system is unique in the market

integrated virtual switch host function

in addition, users now have an additional deployment option that allows 3CX partners to simply provide users with managed PBX services. 3CX system V14 can be used, but why doesn't China implement such a project on a large scale? The reason is that most of ethane in China is imported as a virtual PBX server. Up to 25 virtual switch servers can be configured on a single wondows server, greatly easing the difficulty of single management and reducing deployment costs. 3CX provides a real virtual switch, which is different from the traditional multi-user system. 3CX PBX services and data storage are completely independent for each customer

suppliers see more and more demands for cloud computing based business solutions. It is predicted that by 2018, the managed PBX/UC industry will generate more than $18billion in revenue. Using the 3CX system to host PBX, 3CX partners can also provide 3CX hosting solutions and local warning deployment solutions for users' reference

with the new management functions and the more powerful SIP architecture, it is easier to manage

at the administrative level, 3CX adds and improves management features, such as regular backup and recovery, and pays attention to alarms and smooth interfaces. 3CX also integrates virtual fault tolerance. In addition, administrators can enjoy a series of additional new features, including regular reporting via e-mail, voice mail and recording quota management

improve integrated video conferencing

the company's integrated video conferencing solution, 3CX webmeeting, has also made significant improvements. With the support of webrtc, better video delivery can be achieved. The software now has new features and is an ideal meeting and classroom tool, such as integrated remote control, seminar preparation, reliability recording, uploading youtube and feedback survey. In addition, it also provides the ability to transfer conference control and pre load PPT to reduce bandwidth loss

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