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Abstract: on May 26, 2009, the second session of qb/t 2358 ⑼ 8 test method for heat sealing strength of plastic film packaging bags - 3C industry series salon held by iResearch consulting Guangzhou Branch was grandly held in the multi-function hall on the first floor of Nanshan digital industry cultural base. Wuwei, head of iResearch consulting in South China, fengnianwen, director of Shenzhen e-commerce pilot city working group, chenyingbao, director of Tupai technology project, xiemaolin, research director of iResearch Consulting Group, and 3C enterprise representatives attended the meeting

the following is a wonderful speech by xiemaolin, research director of iResearch Consulting Group, on moving forward in confusion -3c enterprise e-commerce development model:

xiemaolin: Hello! This is Xie Maolin from iResearch. I am very pleased to discuss the recent development of 3C e-commerce in China with you this afternoon. Today, I saw many old and new friends. I want to make a simple survey. Please raise your hands if the enterprises where the business friends here are now engaged in e-commerce. About half of the enterprises have started e-commerce, which shows that e-commerce has penetrated into enterprises and has become a development trend

in my spare time, I will have a brief exchange with you. I have just seen many friends. In fact, your enterprise is already developing e-commerce. Today, my speech topic is "moving forward in confusion". I would like to know what kind of practical problems you have encountered in the process of developing e-commerce in your enterprise, or what problems have been bothering you, or what problems you have been trying to understand and break through? I would like to invite the lady who raised her hand just now to have a talk. Let me share with you that today should be an interactive occasion. Let's give it a round of applause. Please give us a brief introduction

tcl guest female: I am from TCL

Xie Maolin: I know that TCL has built a shopping mall in Shanghai

tcl guest female: Yes

Xie Maolin: there are some authorized flagship stores and exclusive stores

tcl guest female: TCL has no trump card. Now it has a flagship store

Xie Maolin: tell us about the problems you encountered in the process of operating e-commerce

tcl guest female: I would like another colleague to tell me that I have just joined this team

tcl guest: Hello, our e-commerce sector actually started very early, but we have experience in the industry, but we have concerns and confusion. What is it? Brand and e-commerce have a relatively large feature, mainly information platform, and the rest include logistics and payment. In fact, in the early stage, the overall environment was not very good, not a good time. I personally think that the first year of real e-commerce was 2008, and the allocation of various resources was basically achieved, which can satisfy us to support the normal operation of e-commerce, especially in traditional industries. But where do we have great puzzles? How to control the price? How to promote the brand? How to maintain and manage channels? Where is the innovation of sales model? Many, many. The core point is that Ma Yun said that the more traditional industries enter e-commerce, the greater the resistance, because they are often littered, landfilled, or polluted the sea and rivers. The industry has strong channel power. I don't need to intervene in this period. That's what I'm talking about

Xie Maolin: Thank you very much. Let's give it a round of applause. This friend talked very comprehensively, and he also talked about some practical problems that traditional enterprises face in the process of entering e-commerce, and he put forward a point of view that 2008 is the first year of our e-commerce development. Let's see if this is the case later

the theme of my speech today is "moving forward in confusion", because we can see that everyone talked about it. This gentleman also talked about that 2008 was the first year of our development. In this year, many e-commerce developed rapidly, no matter the number of people. First, let's take a look at the development trend of China's 3C and e-commerce enterprises. We can see that China's online shopping has been developing rapidly in the past two years. Both the number of people and the transaction scale of the market have shown a trend of rapid growth. It can be seen that the growth rate of e-commerce in 2007 and 2008 has exceeded 100%. At the same time, we can see that in 2008, this friend just said that it was the first year of e-commerce development. What changes have taken place in this year? We analyzed the composition of the transaction breakdown scale in the four quarters of 2008. The yellow part is our B2C share, and the green part is C2C. It can be seen that C2C is still the mainstream of online shopping, and B2C is also growing rapidly, with a significant increase in the growth rate (Figure). We can see that online shopping has become a beneficial supplement to the traditional market. We must say that we cannot completely replace the tradition. I am very opposed to this view. The Internet can replace the traditional channels. This is undoubtedly a very one-sided view. Online shopping is a supplement to the traditional channels

online shopping has become the mainstream way of people's shopping. We can see from the number of people's shopping that users increased by 27.6% in 2006 and accelerated to 45.5% in 2008. At the same time, the proportion of online shopping is also growing steadily. I just mentioned that B2C is still the mainstream market of people's shopping, which can not be ignored, because China's e-commerce started from B2C. In those years, there were also B2B, such as global resources. Of course, some enterprises have become pioneers and sacrificed. C2C market is still the mainstream market in China, but B2C users are also growing rapidly. We preliminarily expect that the number of B2C users will exceed C2C by 2012 Not only its quantity is increasing, but also its purchasing behavior is changing. You can see this picture. This is a comparison between the purchasing behavior of the people in 2007 and that in 2008. Compared with 2007, the frequency of purchasing by the people in 2008 is undoubtedly increasing. It can be seen that the number of purchasing more than 30 times a year has increased from 13.1% in 2007 to 18.2%, an increase of 5.1 percentage points (China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up emerging markets for extruders in recent years). The amount of people's consumption is also changing. In 2008, we can count that the part of shopping above 3000 yuan accounted for nearly 40%, which shows that after these years, the whole payment system, the whole logistics system, including the construction of our information system, including the promotion of our entire network marketing, people have increasingly accepted this consumption mode, and the stickiness of shopping is becoming stronger and stronger. By 2008, the average amount of shopping per person had reached 1600 yuan. Compared with the national per capita national income, of course, this figure is not very large, and the consumption level is not very large. However, we can see that there is a huge space for growth in the future

at the same time, we can see that in many e-commerce platforms, 3C platform, especially the vertical B2B platform, has become the mainstream e-commerce platform. For example, our Taobao Mall, such as Xindan, Yixun and Beidou, has actually become a platform to continuously improve their user experience and services through intensive cultivation over the past years, And finally realize the rapid growth of their enterprises. Moreover, digital products have become the mainstream products of people's purchase. I don't know whether people have bought digital products on the Internet. It should be said that due to its standardization, some of these products are not very expensive, and people will use them in their daily life, such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, etc. these products are undoubtedly very popular among people. But at the same time, we should pay attention to one detail, that is, the era of sales of household appliances has come. Here we can look at the data. Household appliances accounted for less than 3% of household purchases in 2008. Everyone thinks that this figure is very small. However, we can not ignore that the main problem that has been hindering the rapid development of large household appliances is logistics. While this aspect still exists, household appliances has begun to make a breakthrough, Therefore, as a household appliance enterprise, we should pay attention to the changes in the whole market. At present, although small household appliances are rising rapidly, including TV, in 2008, online TV, especially LCD TV, sold well in the market. What does this mean? It indicates that the change of the whole channel has come. It also confirms what the gentleman just said that 2008 is a very critical year for the development of e-commerce, and also a year for the rapid development or official start of B2C platform. In this regard, we believe that the real main force is that the traditional enterprises here have not really entered this market. Once that day comes, I believe that the real B2C era will really come

let's discuss the development models of the 3C e-commerce market in China. We can see that all of us here may know more about the e-commerce development history of the entire 3C enterprise than I do. I just have a brief analysis here. At present, there are four main stages: first, we build a website, buy a domain name, build a website, put information on it, and do some information release. There is a lack of communication with customers, a lack of comprehensive display, and a lack of interaction. Second, just being an information release platform is not enough. We can use the Internet to carry out brand promotion, promote products and enhance product loyalty. At this time, network marketing can undoubtedly come in handy. Here, we can see that more and more enterprises have begun to put on network advertising, including advertising for some search engine keywords. This era has also emerged. However, there is a problem at this stage. Although we attach great importance to network marketing, we really don't know how to evaluate the effect of our network marketing, and there is a lack of some effective technical means to provide support in the market

let's take a look at the e-commerce development stage of the entire 3C enterprise. It is believed that after 2012, the entire e-commerce will really enter the stage of in-depth application. In this stage, the first product category may be very rich, not only digital products, including audio-visual products and clothing, but also luxury goods. There is also a demand for diamonds, including cars and real estate

enterprises integrate e-commerce. At present, e-commerce is still in the primary stage, so as to obtain more orders. What is the primary stage? You may build a station, including the whole shopping process. In the end, there is no integration with the ERP and the application information system of the whole enterprise, and the sharing of information may not be realized. At this stage, I think the final stage is not comparing products or your prices. We have seen a trend. JD has achieved rapid expansion by relying on prices. Now we are also reflecting on whether this strategy of low-cost expansion can continue to develop. I think the future competition is the competition of services. After all, it is commerce and retailing. Retailing cannot be separated from the category of service industry, Therefore, at this time, who can create a good service system for customers and provide value-added services to customers, these enterprises will eventually become the market leader

let's take a look. We have taken the home appliance market alone. The home appliance market is very typical. Digital products are the first batch of online shopping. We can see the development and changes of the whole home appliance. In fact

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