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365 customer service world spent a lot of money to build the largest customer service Industrial Park in Asia

a price war between and Suning Tesco earlier triggered a new round of e-commerce war. In fact, at this stage of the development of Internet commerce, in addition to the traditional price competition, it has also extended to the competition of overall customer service quality, that is, the competition of user experience

therefore, professional, professional and efficient customer service teams and customer service talents have become extremely scarce resources in major industries at present, and also gave birth to a new industry - customer service outsourcing. As a leading enterprise in this emerging market, 365 customer service world group has invested heavily to build the largest customer service Industrial Park in Asia on the basis of the original Jinzhou customer service base, laying a new vane for the entire customer service industry

industrial parks of a large scale

and the same standard often gives different sample sizes for different materials

365 Jinzhou Industrial Park is located in Jinzhou high tech Development Zone. It is an important place in Beijing Tianjin Tangshan and the northeast, the Bohai Rim Economic Zone. The first phase of the base covers an area of 567 Mu, with a construction area of 550000 square meters

the park has complete supporting facilities, including customer service management school, artificial cloud data center, conference center, multimedia call center, residence, leisure place, etc. It has become a customer service industrial park based in Liaoning, serving the whole country and radiating the modern call service center in the Asia Pacific region

for the price trend of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide that everyone is concerned about, professional scale is an inherent advantage.

the park is equipped with a world-class call center computer room, combined with the independently developed CRM system, and has successively completed the construction of interconnected new call centers, multimedia call centers and virtual call centers, radiating across the country to meet various needs of customers

in terms of talent training, 365 Jinzhou Industrial Park received strong support from the local government, signed contracts with 9 universities in Jinzhou, and reserved 50000 talents. In addition, adopting an international management system and giving full play to the industry cluster means that the keynote of "green" development of the industry will be further strengthened and the advantages of spatial cluster will be further enhanced. A number of large-scale customer service bases will be built in the country, and professional customer service personnel will be trained in industry and customer service etiquette. While the service quality has been fully guaranteed, the enterprise operation cost has been greatly reduced

the government gives great policy support

at present, the 365 Jinzhou Industrial Park project has been listed as a key project in Liaoning Province. In addition to various security preferential policies of the park, it will also receive all preferential policies related to investment promotion from the development zone government, city, province and the state

after the project is implemented, the industrial park will assist the project to seek policy support such as relevant fund subsidies, loans and interest discounts from the provincial, municipal and other superior competent departments and financial units. Since the operation year of the park, the government of the development zone will retain the district level financial portion of some taxes returned to the project company

in addition, the industrial park will also transfer staff from relevant departments involved in the registration of the project company, the construction of the industrial park, and the operation process to establish a service team with the project company to coordinate the whole process from the early preparation, construction, and later operation of the industrial park

with complete and large-scale industrial parks, professional and efficient management and government policy support, 365 Jinzhou Industrial Park is bound to become the most influential customer service Industrial Park in Asia, and become a benchmark in this emerging industry

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