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3D curved glass: the smart screen market will exceed 100 billion yuan in the future

China's innovation and development in the Internet economy, artificial intelligence, driverless, Beidou, intelligent screen and other aspects have attracted worldwide attention in recent years, even from the perspective of the world. In these industrial fields, the trend that China gradually moves closer to the global knowledge network center is very obvious. At the same time, these industries have become new business cards for China's economy, increasingly showing China's innovation strength and innovation potential. In this context, the Beijing Youth Daily has recently combed these emerging industries and displayed the new business card of China's economy

today's enterprises have laid out the comprehensive screen field. The domestic comprehensive screen battle has reached a climax, and may soon cover all kinds of high, middle and low-end markets. An intelligent screen will not only change, but also bring the upgrading and innovation of the entire industrial chain. The general trend is that whether the full screen has been released or will be launched soon, many manufacturers seem to focus on the full screen to open up the market gap. The full screen is accelerating its popularization to the middle and low-end market. In addition to the comprehensive screen, according to the analysis of industry research institutions, with the flagship model of the industry leading brand adopting double-sided glass, it is expected that the domestic penetration of double-sided glass will also enter the acceleration stage, and the potential market space will directly double. It is predicted that there will be nearly 100 billion market space for glass (total positive and negative)

from acrylic to glass screen

recently, Apple released new products in 2017, in which the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 use double-sided glass design, in which the international influence of the backplane plastic extruder industry continues to rise, and the glass design is again sought after. In order to realize the wireless charging function, the iPhone 8 launched by apple this time is called "the most durable glass in the history of intelligence" with a seven layer colored glass back shell. As everyone knows, this bright part comes from Lansi technology, the leading enterprise of window protective glass

in the past, the common window protective screen was made of acrylic material. Acrylic is also called plexiglass, and its chemical name is polymethylmethacrylate. It is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance. It is easy to dye and process. It is widely used in the construction industry. However, acrylic protective screen has some defects, such as low surface hardness, scratch resistance, weak wear resistance, relatively short service life and so on

2001, zhouqunfei, the founder of Lansi technology, applied his watch glass processing technology to the panel, that is, replacing the popular acrylic plastic screen with a glass screen. Compared with acrylic products, glass has the following advantages: high light transmittance, which can increase the freshness and clarity of the picture; The surface hardness is high, which can avoid scratching the screen, and is not easy to deform and age. Subsequently, the glass panel was successfully applied to moto V3, and lansys technology officially opened the industry precedent of applying window protective glass to moto v3

2004, zhouqunfei led his team to overcome the technical difficulty that the steel ball will not break when it falls freely after the glass coating, so that the window protective glass can be more widely used and promoted. He also formulated relevant industrial standards such as product design guidelines, product inspection standards, product processing limits, and gradually became the general technical standards and process flow in the industry. Now the glass ink formula and coating technology used in the industry, as well as the equipment and process of the industry's first automatic printing line, baking line, fading line and CNC processing are all from her and her team, and shared by the industry to promote the application and development of the whole industry

with the upgrading of the industry, especially the arrival of the intelligent era, lansys technology has led the industry to cut through difficulties and won great development. What many people don't know is that from the iPhone 1 generation to today's iPhone 8 and iPhone x models, lansys technology has been involved in manufacturing. In the global smart market, it is a well deserved industry pioneer and industry leader

3d curved glass has become a hot spot in recent years

in 2014, the focus of intelligent innovation began to turn to the screen structure. Whether it is the high-end iPhone 6 plus, lumia 930, or domestic products such as Xiaomi note, Nubia Z9, vivo X5 pro, they all use 2.5D screens. Compared with the ordinary 2D screen, the LCD panel covered by the 2.5D screen is flat, which will not cause poor vision, while the edge is sunken downward in an arc, which reduces the impact of the middle frame on the hand feeling

with the market's aesthetic changes in the appearance design of wearable devices such as smart, tablet computers and smart watches and the progress of technology, the demand for 3D curved glass used in intelligent terminal products is growing. In recent years, after the idea of 3D curved glass was put forward, the market began to develop and produce 3D curved glass. 3D curved glass has the advantages of light, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare and good weather resistance. It can not only improve the appearance novelty of intelligent terminal products, but also bring excellent touch and feel. With the changes in the aesthetic requirements of the consumer market for the appearance of intelligent terminal products and the progress of technology, 3D curved glass has gradually been applied to the process manufacturing of intelligent terminal products. For example, the latest products such as Samsung Galaxy s6edge and Xiaomi note use 3D glass

lansys technology has started the research on 3D curved glass layout since 2011. Now it has mastered the design and production basis of 3D curved glass, and pioneered the processing method of 3D glass with four side bending. It is the first company in the industry to engage in 3D curved glass research and production, and also has the most relevant expertise. Pengmengwu, Secretary of the board of directors of the company, said that 2017 was a "big year" for the industry. According to the plan, the company will firmly seize the large-scale opportunity of 3D curved glass this time. Public information shows that the company's "3D curved glass production project" will achieve full production in 2017, with a design capacity of 27million pieces per year. In addition, the company's annual production capacity of 2.5D glass is expected to reach 550million-600million pieces

hyperboloid glass will break out next year

since the iPhone 4S used the double glass cover scheme, the glass scheme has always been one of the manufacturers' alternatives. With the birth of curved display screen, the glass cover scheme of front and rear hyperboloid integration has attracted attention again. The hyperboloid glass can further eliminate the cutting feeling of holding, and has better signal penetration than the metal body, meeting the needs of wireless charging and 5g information transmission in the future. In 2016, the shipment volume of curved glass backplane scheme on the market was about million units, and the penetration rate in 2015 was about 5%. In the future, more and more brands will choose curved display and propose hyperbolic cover plate design, and the 2.5d/3d curved protective glass market will also double

according to the Research Report of Tianfeng securities, due to the wireless charging demand and more complex RF design, the metal shell with shielding effect on the signal is no longer the best choice. With the flagship models of industry leading brands using double-sided glass, it is expected that the domestic penetration of double-sided glass will enter the accelerated stage, and the potential market space will be doubled directly. In 2016, the glass market scale (positive and negative sides in total) was 40.13 billion yuan. The application trend of double-sided glass was strengthened, and the penetration rate of 3D glass increased rapidly. It is predicted that the glass (positive and negative sides in total) will have a market space of nearly 100 billion yuan. It is estimated that the annual market scale will be 64.67 billion yuan, 85.12 billion yuan and 105.68 billion yuan respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 38.1%

according to the 2016 annual report of lansys technology, the company's operating income was about 15.2 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 1.2 billion yuan. Among them, the third quarter and the fourth quarter contributed 550million yuan and 400million yuan net profit respectively, and the second half of the year was the traditional peak season of the industry. In the first half of this year, lansys technology achieved an operating revenue of 8.66 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53.09%, and a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 310million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.87%. Lansys technology had previously set a target of a 40% increase in operating revenue and a 50% increase in net profit in 2017 over the previous year. It will affect the service life of the device. In this regard, relevant people said that from the current joint research on the development strategy of China's intelligent manufacturing with the Chinese Academy of engineering, there is little pressure to achieve the above goals, and new products of industry leading brands will be supplied in the second half of the year. Moreover, from next year, double-sided glass will usher in an explosion, and 3D glass will also be more widely used. At present, lansys 3D curved glass has been supplied in large quantities, and it is expected that the 3D glass shipment in 2017 will reach more than 40million pieces

sapphire, precision ceramics and other new materials have great potential in the future.

now some high-end models in the market have adopted sapphire protective screens. In addition, sapphire is used in leading models such as wearable devices, camera lenses and fingerprint module lenses. Sapphire is the hardest oxide in nature. Its Mohs hardness reaches 9, which is close to diamond. It is much harder than most objects. Therefore, sapphire is widely used as window material for semiconductor lighting industry, consumer electronics and mobile electronic equipment

on Apple's iPhone 7, the sapphire camera and home key are used. However, on the recently released iPhone x, the home key is cancelled, but the sapphire camera protective glass is still used. Although the total amount of sapphire protective screen is only square millimeters, and a five inch display screen requires square millimeters of sapphire protection, apple alone can promote the existing market 40 times by popularizing sapphire screens. Considering the star effect of apple in high-end models, the potential of this part is more than 60 times

since it entered the sapphire field in 2010, lansys technology has long insisted on independent research and development, from equipment to basic electronic components. The company has a complete industrial chain of sapphire and independently developed long crystal equipment and control system, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also reduces the energy consumption index by more than 30% compared with similar models, and is still continuously optimized. At present, the company has developed sapphire camera protective lens, fingerprint identification protective lens, intelligent wearable device protective screen and other high-end application products

it is not just 3D curved glass. With the development of 5g technology and wireless charging technology, the precision ceramics deployed by lansys technology several years in advance ushered in a good opportunity for development. According to the company's introduction, in the field of precision ceramics, Lansi technology has developed ceramic casings and structural parts for high-end smart watches, and realized batch delivery to customers. In addition, Lansi technology is the main supplier of the ceramic middle frame, ceramic back cover used by Xiaomi's mix and the four curved surface ceramic shell of Xiaomi 6 exclusive edition. With the improvement of the yield of ceramic products, the penetration rate is expected to accelerate in the future

it is understood that Xiaomi has launched the exclusive version of note and mix concept all ceramic since 2016, and accelerated the confirmation of the industry's high-end ceramic trend on Xiaomi 6 released this year. The supply and demand sides of the ceramic shell industry have been continuously improved: after the release of Xiaomi mix, appointments have been popular, and one machine is hard to find. This Xiaomi 6 is another major catalyst for the application of ceramic shells. After two years of cultivation, both consumers and brand manufacturers have significantly improved their acceptance of ceramic shells. Other domestic brands such as Huawei, oppo and vivo are also expected to follow suit and launch high-end ceramic versions on their flagship models. At present, Xiaomi mix has realized spot supply, and the capacity of ceramic shell in the supply chain has been greatly increased, sometimes much lower than the absolute moisture content in the atmosphere. The follow-up of Lansi technology, Sanhuan group, Changying precision, shunluo electronics and other manufacturers is also expected to further accelerate the export of ceramics

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