The hottest 3C certification enters into food pack

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3C certification march into food packaging

recently, the "food packaging/container safety and environmental protection certification conference" hosted by Beijing Society of Environmental Sciences was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the participants discussed the current situation of food packaging/containers, the importance and necessity of 3C certification to help enterprises seize the high point of standard system customization, and the health, safety and environmental protection of food packaging/containers

it is understood that in order to implement the decision of the State Council on further strengthening food safety work and strengthen the supervision and management of food safety, the state will strengthen the certification and Accreditation of food packaging products, and implement a mandatory product certification management system (i.e. 3C certification) for food packaging products, especially plastic products this year. It is reported that the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center and Beijing keyvia environmental protection technology center are carrying out the specific work of food packaging/container safety and environmental protection certification nationwide. The software of the host computer is the full digital 3-bit loop control software developed by the open source instrument for 2 years, and the work is in progress

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