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On July 7, 2014, the 360 smart key added a disguised call of "escape from the divine plan". On the third day of this month, the 360 smart key released the latest version 1.2.30 for the purpose of paying more attention to making money in a short time in China's coastal areas. 3dd φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.0560 smart key has been updated frequently since it was launched. In addition to improving the stability and user experience, this new version has also added a new function, camouflage incoming calls

360 smart key is an intelligent shortcut key based on Android system, which can realize the functions of one key snapshot, one key flashlight, one key acceleration, and one key startup of any app in the system

360 smart key this time adds the function of camouflage incoming call, which is different from the previous custom settings based on its own functions, but adds substantive functions. Let's feel it

360 smart key is very easy to operate. Download 360 smart key app on the, and then insert the smart key into the earphone hole. You can compare the protection methods of the hydraulic jaw of the tensile testing machine above: the pop-up interface selects 360 smart key as the equipment to be inserted when the cast iron specimen is tightened. Find the fake incoming call in the function settings of the stand-alone or double-click, and select it

after setting, even in the black screen state, click the 360 smart key to call in. The caller's name and number are preset by the user, and appropriate settings can confuse the fake caller with the real caller. More humanized, fake calls will come 10 seconds after you press the smart key. You can press the smart key without anyone noticing, then put it aside and wait for the call

compared with holding it to scratch around on the screen, pressing the smart key on the upper part is more hidden and calm! Whether it's a boring and protracted meeting, or a blind date better than meeting, or facing a group of desperate saburos, you can press the smart key to escape smoothly

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