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3D glass triggered a new action of Tongda Group in times of peace

in the current bull market of Hong Kong stocks, both "Apple concept stocks" and "5g concept stocks" are going to break the sky this year. However, the precision structure industry is suffering from both ice and fire. The metal rear cover market is being swallowed up by 3D glass

Tongda Group, which was officially accepted as the general standard for Hong Kong stocks in September, has shown considerable restraint. However, a notice on the evening of October 9 seems to have taken a turn for the better

Galaxy Securities released the Research Report on the fuel cell industry. Tongda Group announced that it plans to spin off Tongda Hongtai, a company that manufactures portable computers and tablet computers or whose personnel must be trained to operate instruments and equipment. It will be listed independently on the Hong Kong stock exchange. At the same time, special interim dividends are also planned to be distributed and realized through the distribution of Tongda Hongtai shares. Qualified Tongda shareholders will be entitled to one Tongda Hongtai share for every 40 shares they hold

5g concept; Double sided glass + metal frame

according to the top 50 best sellers in China in August released by leading edge research institute, there are 37 metal rear covers, accounting for 74%; There are 5 types of glass back cover and 8 types of plastic back cover

obviously, the metal rear cover still occupies the mainstream of the fuselage market, but there is no doubt that the glass rear cover has become the leading role in the industry's promising "gold inlaid jade" portfolio driven by the 5g concept and the comparison of ceramic materials, which has a great impact on the metal rear cover, especially in the flagship aircraft market

with the recent launch of iphone8, the design of double-sided glass + metal middle frame has also confirmed this trend and will become a trend in the industry

due to the relatively low technical threshold of the metal fuselage, after several rounds of reshuffle in the market, the competition in the industrial chain has already reached white hot, and the gross profit margin has been very low. It has entered the Big Mac to seize the market, and relies on the increase of volume to maintain a highly integrated state of profit space

according to the leading circles, in 2017, Anjie technology acquired Weibo precision with 3.4 billion yuan, Fenda technology acquired fuchengda with 2.895 billion yuan, Lingyi technology acquired Jiangfen magnetic materials with 20.7 billion yuan, and Dafu technology acquired xiangjiangxin with 2.54 billion yuan

in contrast, the integrated market plan of glass + stainless steel middle frame is very lively

according to the ranking of glass cover plate shipments in August 2017 released by the leading research institute, according to incomplete statistics, in addition to the original enterprises such as Bourne optics, Lansi technology, ORFI optics, helitai, kelistv, Ruisheng technology, Zhicheng optics, etc; Previously, enterprises engaged in precision structural parts or metal fuselage, such as Tongda Group, biada, Jierong technology and Fenda technology, have also joined them

be prepared for danger in times of peace

Tongda Group has a market share of about 25% in the domestic market. By segment, the chassis market still accounts for the main share of its revenue. In 2016, the revenue achieved a year-on-year growth of 44.7%, and the chassis market accounted for 68.6% of its total revenue. The main reason for the rapid growth of its chassis business is that its three major customers, Huawei, oppo and vivo, account for more than 50% of its chassis business revenue

according to the 2016 financial report of Tongda Group, the business is still its core business

nevertheless, Wang Yanan, chairman and CEO of Tongda Group, also said that in the future, more intelligent devices will only use metal middle frames with 2.5D or 1 general 3D glass covers, so Tongda Group is also transforming to the 3D glass cover market. According to sources, Tongda Group has independently developed 3D glass cover plates, and has begun to find customers in this area and send samples to major domestic manufacturers. However, the specific production capacity and process have not been disclosed yet

however, for the split listing, Tongda Group said that the independent listing of Tongda Hongtai would provide an independent fund-raising platform for the group to raise funds in the capital market in the future to support growth through continuous internal expansion. At the same time, Tongda Hongtai can expand its market share through various ways and enhance the group's position in the industry

from the perspective of Tongda Group's business in recent years, "single" is a very serious criticism, which is not only reflected in the group's business, but also in its subsidiaries

for Tongda Group, if Tongda Hongtai is listed and raised funds independently, it is very likely to lie in two aspects: one is the 3D glass back cover mentioned above; The second is waterproof parts

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