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Shanghai post administration interviewed express enterprises to ensure the realization of "double 11" quality, green "double 11"

release date: Source: China Securities

according to the news of the State Post Office on November 11, in order to fully implement the requirements of the State Post Office on doing a good job in the service guarantee work in the peak season of express business in 2019, and to solve the difficulties of seismic design, Shanghai post industry has created "double 11" quality, service "double 11" and green "double 11", Shanghai Post recycled plastic granulator has a broad space for development in China. On the basis of the service guarantee mobilization and redeployment meeting held in the peak season of express delivery business in 2019, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of postal service jointly with the municipal market supervision bureau recently interviewed 22 key e-commerce enterprises to urge e-commerce enterprises to implement relevant requirements and standardize promotional behavior. 5. Electro hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, effectively maintain the market order and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote e-commerce The upstream and downstream linkage of delivery enterprises has formed a "double 11" joint force

in the interview, Shanghai post administration requires enterprises to: first, effectively ensure the service quality in peak season, actively do all kinds of meticulous work, and make a good announcement and explanation of the phenomenon of logistics time limit extension caused by the concentration of business volume in peak season, so as to smooth customer service and deal with consumer complaints in a timely manner; Second, conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the State Post Bureau on fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control in the postal industry, standardize commodity packaging, support delivery enterprises to no longer carry out secondary packaging of express mails that have met the requirements of safe delivery, earnestly implement the main body of enterprise ecological environmental protection, promote the effective treatment of green packaging of e-commerce express, and ensure the effectiveness of the construction of green post and the implementation of the "9582" green upgrading project; Third, we should strengthen coordination, linkage and data sharing with delivery enterprises, form a joint force between upstream and downstream, and constantly optimize the efficiency of this kind of smell service, which is called confused, so as to further improve the quality of delivery, satisfy the people and reassure the masses

Shanghai post administration said that the next step will be to improve the political position, strengthen the responsibility, pay close attention to the implementation, go all out to meet the peak business season, and earnestly create a "double 11" in quality, service and green "double 11" in Shanghai post industry with the strictest requirements, the highest standards and the best state

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