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Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of quality supervision and spot check of civil valve products in 2013

recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted special supervision and spot check on the quality of civil valve products produced and sold in the city. A total of 44 batches of civil valve products were randomly selected, and 4 batches were unqualified after inspection

the products were inspected in accordance with QB "right angle valve for sanitary ware and heating pipe", gb/t "right angle valve for sanitary ware and heating pipe", gb/t "iron and copper threaded connection valve" and other national standards and relevant standards

during the "1035" period, it was found that the jf-03 brass triangular corner valve produced by Zhejiang Xinxin Copper Co., Ltd. was unqualified in terms of flow and pipe thread accuracy. The quality supervision department said that if the product flow does not reach the standard value, the use effect will be affected when it is connected with water appliances. Unqualified pipe thread accuracy items will affect the installation and use of products

the products with unqualified pipe thread accuracy also include the nominal g1/2 "hegll" angle valve hose produced by Foshan Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the nominal 4million plastic bottle 01 "submarine" Lizhi angle valve adopted by F0 "starry Grassland" produced by Beijing Runde Hongtu Technology Development Co., Ltd., and the nominal CH08 (single heat) "zoci" rocket shaped triangle valve produced by Taizhou ZHONGCI Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

products that meet the relevant standards in the quality supervision and spot check of civil valves in 2013

copper stop valve


February 22, 2013

Shanghai zhuanxin Hardware Co., Ltd.

Shanghai zhuanxin Hardware Co., Ltd.

brass ball valve



May 2, 2012

(Jintian group) Ningbo jacklong Valve Co., Ltd.

Shanghai huanqiao hardware factory

brass valve


February 25, 2013

Shanghai Jade anchor Valve Co., Ltd.

internal thread ball valve


qs1002t2/3/4 "


brilliant plumbing Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai fuvalve Industry Co., Ltd.

brass ball valve




Ningbo amerco Valve Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Donghai valve and pipe fitting headquarters

note: the ranking is regardless of the order. 2013 civil valves (2) green door quality supervision and spot check of plastic additive synthesis process unqualified products

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