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Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau released the results of special supervision and spot check on packaging in the second quarter

recently, Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau organized 201 to select the resin model according to the melt activity rate (MFR) of the resin, which ensured the safe and stable operation of the system in the second quarter of three years. Special supervision and spot check on commodity packaging were carried out on three categories of products in the production and circulation fields of the city, including zongzi, tea and processed agricultural and sideline products

in this special supervision and random inspection of commodity packaging, a total of 247 batches of commodities from 52 enterprises were sampled, including 62 batches of zongzi, 142 batches of tea, and 43 batches of processed agricultural and sideline products. The sampling of zongzi covered the gift box commodities of major brands sold in the city. This special supervision and spot check inspected the following items of commodity packaging according to the requirements of GB requirements for restricting excessive packaging of goods food and cosmetics and JJF rules for Metrological Inspection of food and cosmetics packaging that should also pay attention to some problems: packaging void ratio, number of packaging layers and the ratio of packaging cost to sales price. In the spot check, it was found that the main problem of commodity packaging was the porosity of packaging. According to the national mandatory standards for the limited sales packaging of food and cosmetics, the porosity of cake packaging, including zongzi, should not be greater than 60%, and that of other foods, including tea and processed agricultural and sideline commodities, should not be greater than 45%. After inspection, there are 46 batches of commodities with excessive packaging, including 43 batches of tea, 3 batches of processed agricultural and sideline products, 43 batches produced in other provinces and cities and 3 batches produced in Shanghai

for commodities with excessive packaging, in accordance with the provisions of Shanghai on the reduction of commodity packaging, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has deployed the relevant district and county bureaus to order the sales enterprises to immediately stop the sales of unqualified products, comprehensively clean up the over packaged commodities in stock, notify the e-point of supply or the production enterprise of the over packaging of relevant commodities, and establish and improve the purchase acceptance system, Strengthen the examination and control of suppliers and the business training of inspectors

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