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Shanghai Petrochemical innovated the complete technology of loop polypropylene

the development project of Shanghai Petrochemical's 200000 ton/year domestic second-generation loop polypropylene complete technology has been successful a few days ago. This technology has made innovations in the catalyst, polymerization process, design of hydrogen separation system and pre polymerization process with independent intellectual property rights, forming proprietary technology

the project is jointly developed by Shanghai Petrochemical, Sinopec engineering construction company and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry. As the unit construction unit, while doing a good job in the construction, operation, examination and acceptance and other related work, 24. Water supply (LDPE, LLDPE) pipes: some parameters qb/t 1930 ⑵ 006 low density polyethylene pipes for water supply can be developed continuously. The station has also officially launched the preparation of process technical specifications and operating procedures, and the industrial application test of DQ catalyst, The pilot scale-up and industrial trial production of two new high modulus brands have been completed. Sinopec engineering construction company has undertaken the detailed design of the foundation to adapt to the market. Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry is mainly responsible for the production and industrial application of DQ catalyst, and the development of 8 new product brands including a new generation of bimodal, high impact resistance and high modulus

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