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On September 4, 2018, Changsha Municipal People's government and Hunan Xiangjiang New Area officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with cheetah mobile, a world-renowned mobile Internet enterprise. In the future, the two sides will jointly build a cheetah Mobile Robot Research Institute in Changsha, and jointly build an artificial intelligence training institute with the University of Defense Science and technology to achieve collaborative strategic cooperation in smart cities

Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party committee, Hu Zhongxiong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang new area, and Zhang Yingchun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the Management Committee of Xiangjiang new area, Hunan, visited the global headquarters of cheetah mobile, Experienced the world's first five-star reception service robot on site "The merchants leopard secretary, retail robot leopard peddler and leopard coffee based on the Orion robot arm platform who participated in the green action plan discussed the possibility of several robots landing in different scenes in Changsha.

Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party committee

Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party committee, said: at present, Changsha is going all out to speed up the upgrading of artificial intelligence industry and build a national intelligent system Build a center, introduce the concept of smart city, and promote the development of smart industrialization in all walks of life, which is basically consistent with the development goal of cheetah mobile. Through this cooperation, cheetah Mobile's artificial intelligence technology and full range of robot products will be widely used in Changsha, which is bound to help Changsha occupy a place in the future scientific and technological development of society

Fu Sheng, chairman and CEO of cheetah mobile, believes that the era of man-machine coexistence is bound to come. Cheetah Mobile's full range of robot products will be applicable to the industry and scope from the perspective of practicality and ease of use. Starting from the manufacturers of automobile suspension springs and motorcycle shock absorber springs, or the automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber enterprises, it is committed to building really useful and really open robots, Promote the integration of software and hardware of artificial intelligence in practical scenarios

at the 2018 World robot conference held not long ago, cheetah mobile became the top 3 booth in popularity on site, and was widely recognized by the industry. At the signing ceremony of the theme of "robot · Sheng · banquet", cheetah mobile, together with its AI company Orion XingKong, signed an intentional purchase order for thousands of leopard xiaosecretary robots with 13 enterprises from ten industries, which became an ice breaking move for the service robot industry in China

this time, cheetah mobile seized the opportunity to give full play to its core technology and industrial chain advantages in the field of artificial intelligence, combined with the support of resources, environment, policies, location and other aspects given by the Management Committee of Hunan Xiangjiang new area, to promote Changsha to integrate into national important strategic platforms such as the the Belt and Road and the Yangtze River economic belt from a higher starting point

it is understood that cheetah mobile will become the city partner of Changsha. Through the construction of cheetah Mobile Robot Research Institute, it will work with the government to study practical service robots, industrial robot solutions, intelligent management systems, etc. suitable for Changsha, so as to create advanced concepts and urban environments such as smart city, smart Park, smart life, etc

in terms of AI high-end talent training, cheetah mobile will work with the University of defense technology to build Ai, and Mo will strengthen the matrix energy training college while strengthening carbides, and take high-end talent reserve and team building as the top priority of AI development. Improve the discipline construction in the field of artificial intelligence, set up artificial intelligence majors, expand the educational content of artificial intelligence majors on the original basis, and form a new training mode of artificial intelligence +x composite majors

at the level of smart city collaboration, Changsha municipal government will provide cheetah mobile with different application scenarios of the whole series of robot products, including urban security, smart transportation, smart office, smart life, education and health, medical industry and tourism industry, so as to accelerate the full implementation of artificial intelligence. It is particularly worth mentioning that the Changsha municipal government will also comprehensively lay leopard Secretary robots in the city's window industries, such as government halls, banks, business office buildings, medical institutions and other places, so as to improve the level of intelligent services

in addition, with the support of the government, the Orion voice OS developed by Orion star, an AI company under cheetah mobile, will develop Changsha dialect voice OS System for Changsha. It is understood that the Orion voice OS service is not only applied to cheetah's own AI speakers, but also exported to Himalayan Xiaoya speakers, Midea speakers and more partners. As the best Chinese TTS, Orion voice OS currently occupies more than 30% of China's intelligent voice market share, ranking first

as stated in the strategic cooperation and development plan by both parties, the AI technology of cheetah mobile will meet the industrial development needs of the government. Combined with its human-computer interaction product gene and the characteristics of the industry's spring only tension and compression testing machine owned by its Orion star, and the purchase technology, it introduces a full chain AI technology, which is combined with regional advantages and urban services to create an innovation ecological chain in the era of artificial intelligence. With the help of cheetah mobile, Changsha will become a national smart city and a benchmark city for smart life

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