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Rainstorm, testifying to the tested innovative products

recently, Beijing encountered the heaviest rainstorm in 61 years, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Many real estate projects previously advertised as "quality real estate" have also fallen in the heavy rain, and have been accused of "building water", "house leakage", exposing various quality defects

a scientific and technological achievement with great innovative significance, while going through a long process of creativity, experiment, pilot test, productization, industrialization and marketization, it also needs to find its own birth certificate - create its own technical standards. When the disruptive innovation value of this new technology and product is understood and accepted by more people, the enterprise standard it establishes for itself may become an industry standard, national standard and even international standard

the innovative significance of new technology products often needs a long-term market test. In this process, if we are confined to traditional concepts and blindly measure new technology products by traditional standards, it is often not conducive to the promotion and application of new technology products. Only by breaking traditional concepts and boldly introducing and using new technologies and products can we bring about a revolution in this new technology, new products and new standards

sometimes the promotion and use of a new technology product of great significance needs a rainstorm to testify

"July 21" rainstorm is a testimony to the excellent performance of a new technology product

on July 21 and 22 this year, Beijing issued five rainstorm warnings in a row, with the highest level reaching orange, which lowered the largest rainstorm in 61 years, causing heavy losses to the lives and property of the people in the capital

however, also in Beijing, there was no danger in the square of the Ministry of science and technology, the square of the central United Front Work Department, the Olympic Water Cube and other places where renchuangshengtai sand permeable brick and its rainwater expert system were laid

Shengtai sand permeable brick and its rainwater expert system are developed and produced by Renchuang technology group

located in Beijing Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Renchuang Technology Group is a national high-tech enterprise. The State Key Laboratory for the utilization of silica sand resources established by it is the first batch of state key laboratories established in enterprises in China. It has more than 300 original invention achievements, obtained 89 authorized patents, 15 PCT international patent applications, and 2 foreign authorized patents

using sand in the desert as raw material, through independent innovation, the laboratory has successfully overcome the three world-wide problems of scientific sand - micro particle full coating technology, micro particle interface modification technology and non sintering molding technology, and has creatively invented "micron pore water permeability technology" and "ecological ventilation, seepage prevention and water conservation technology". The "Shengtai silica sand permeable brick" and other high permeability technical products developed on this basis, as well as the "Renchuang well", "Renchuang Shuibao", "Renchuang hidden reservoir" and other high permeability technical products, as well as the "Renchuang rainwater expert system" integrated on this basis, can effectively solve the problems of rainwater waterlogging on urban roads, water storage and drinking in border posts and remote mountainous areas under rainstorm conditions

in November 2005, "renchuangshengtai sand based permeable brick technology" passed the expert technical review organized by the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of construction

in December, 2005, the product participated in the "2005 exhibition on building an energy-saving society" hosted by 13 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of science and technology. Party and state leaders such as Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin and Li Changchun visited the exhibition and inspected the company's booth in person, praising it as an important innovative product that "benefits the country and the people"

since February 2007, renchuangshengtai sand based permeable brick and its rainwater expert system have been successfully applied in more than 300 engineering constructions, such as the sidewalk in the Zhongnanhai national office area, the water cube and landscape Avenue of the Beijing Olympic venues, and the 10000 people square of the China Pavilion in the Shanghai WorldExpo Park

"Renchuang rainwater expert system" in urban rainstorm drainage

on the stormy open-air ground, one side is flooded with water, the other side is bright and clean as new, and the water is not wet feet. This special landscape appears because these places are paved with "Renchuang rainwater expert system" containing Shengtai sand based permeable bricks

according to Qin Shengyi, the inventor of this technology, Shengtai sand based permeable brick is a micron porous permeable brick made of aeolian sand from Inner Mongolia desert through micro particle full coating, interface modification and non sintering molding technology. The water permeability of this permeable brick is more than six times that of ordinary ceramic or concrete permeable bricks

the rainwater expert system made on the basis of this permeable brick is a road rainwater collection system specially developed for urban overpasses, sidewalks, driveways and other pavements, which realizes the transformation from the traditional "point" drainage to the combination of "line" and "surface" drainage, and is a three-dimensional drainage system combining "storage infiltration drainage"

the system accumulates rainwater first through an invisible reservoir built underground; In case of heavy rainstorm, the hidden reservoir is full, and the excess rainwater enters the silica sand filter soakaway through the conduit to recharge the groundwater; When encountering a heavy rainstorm, the excess rainwater in the silica sand filtration infiltration well is discharged into the existing municipal pipe through overflow, so as to realize rapid flood and waterlogging drainage and solve the problem of urban waterlogging drainage

urban waterlogging refers to the phenomenon of ponding disaster in the city due to heavy rainfall or continuous rainfall exceeding the urban drainage capacity. At present, the main reasons for poor drainage of urban roads in China are too small drainage pipes, too few drainage outlets, and too many impervious pavements. On the one hand, due to the large amount of arrears of drainage pipes, the aging of pipelines, the drainage standard is low; On the other hand, due to the continuous expansion of the city scale, the hardened pavement increases and the seepage pavement decreases relatively

according to Dr. Jia Yihai, executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory for the utilization of silica sand resources, at present, some mega cities in the world, including New York, Tokyo, Paris, etc., have built underground municipal management systems with huge investment. Relatively speaking, Beijing's urban drainage system owes too much. Renchuangshengtai sand based permeable brick and its rainwater system can not only greatly improve the rainwater drainage capacity of urban roads, but also smoothly realize the connection with the original municipal pipe, and effectively improve the urban drainage function

at present, only some important places in Beijing have laid such permeable bricks and rainwater systems. After the "July 21" Beijing torrential rain, there was no serious ponding in all places where this system was laid, which proved that this innovative technology has withstood the test of a 60 year or even a 100 year torrential rain

How can a major innovative technology product get rid of the difficulties of promotion and application

"Renchuang rainwater expert system" can withstand the test of rainstorm, so why is the disaster in Beijing so serious? When asked this question, Qin Shengyi, chairman of Renchuang group, seemed somewhat helpless

president Qin explained that the key issue was the concept

it takes time for a new technology, a new product and a new standard to be generally accepted by people inside and outside the industry. But, I'm really unwilling! We can only see the lives that can be saved and the losses that can be reduced, but we can't help. How distressed you say we are

the helplessness on Qin Shengyi's face is empathetic

it is reported that the technology of Renchuang rainwater expert system has been applied for several years from maturity, and has also been promoted and applied in some landmark venues. In the "June 23" rainstorm last year, the capital, which suffered serious flooding, accounting for only 3.4% of the total, was posted by the people as "going to Beijing to see the sea", but the central area of the Olympic Games stood the test. The main leaders of Beijing also specially organized relevant departments to investigate the central area of the Olympic Games. Renchuang's permeable brick technology products played an important role and were fully recognized, but it was difficult to promote them in a large area in Beijing

why? Because this is a new technology, there is no relevant national standard at present. Relevant research departments and institutions have design qualifications, and some experts and professors in their fields and industries are very familiar with the technology in this field and major, but may not be very familiar with this new technology. We are the inventor of new technology and the manufacturer of new products. We have our own enterprise standards, but because we have no design qualifications such as architecture and municipal engineering, according to the current regulations, we can't participate in the engineering design at all, resulting in the failure of the relevant projects, so we can only wait and see. Qin Shengyi stalls

a leader said, why can't Renchuang design by itself and find someone to construct by itself? Why can't a high-tech enterprise have its own enterprise standards and industry standards

however, some people say that the improvement of the drainage system can only be solved by building more and larger municipal pipes. The product of a private enterprise needs the proof of a demonstration project. With demonstration projects, more demonstration projects are needed. The division of interests makes it impossible for a new technology that benefits the country and the people to give full play to its role

it is gratifying that the relevant leaders in Beijing have recognized that "deep reflection is necessary" on the problems exposed by the "July 21" rainstorm. We have learned that Beijing Haidian District has begun to study, and we should cooperate with relevant departments to assist the company to carry out the promotion and application of Shengtai sand based permeable brick and its rainwater expert system in a wide range of casting aluminum alloy with molten metal filling mold

July 2. Therefore, on July 1, a day that was taken away more than 70 fresh lives by the rainstorm, it is very easy to remember the characteristics of after-sales service

there are still lessons and questions worth remembering. There is also a new technology that could have played a greater role in solving urban waterlogging

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